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Interview w/ Somi Arian

Band Members:

Somi Arian - Vocals
Jonathan Hughes - Guitar
Joseph Perumal - Bass
Szymek Lawik - Drums

Country of Origin: United Kingdom!/mortadmetal

Pandemic Paranoia - EP

1. Tonight we are speaking with Somi Arian the creator and vocalist for the intense and powerful new band Mortad. Somi at this point the band really is brand new. How long have you been playing as a complete band?


I formed the band initially in 2008 in Scotland with a different line up. We had nearly a full album's worth of material; we had just begun recording when we broke up in May 2010. I immediately moved to London, put the new line up together and we began writing and rehearsing since June 2010. 

2. So far you have a four song EP available, is a complete album in the works right now?


Yes we expect an album to be completed by the end of 2011.

3. Here at the zine we get a lot of requests to listen to music and check out different bands, sometimes it gets very predictable. I must say Mortad blew my mind! I was floored, this band is really heavy and has massive riffs. It was a great surprise, and I really like what I hear so far. So please tell me what led you to make such a powerful band?


Well our influences are bands such as Lamb of god, Gojira, and SYL. I was very lucky to have the vocal power to sing in that style and I was even luckier to have met such great musician as Mortad's lead guitarist Jonathan Hughes who’s capable of writing awesome, heavy yet catchy tunes. And the addition of our awesome bass player and drummer Joe Perumal and Szymek Lawik was all we needed for Mortad to create what you hear on those recordings.    

4. When did you discover your ability to perform the Death Metal style vocals, and does it take any special care to your voice to sing with such force?


When I formed the band in 2008, I wasn't sure how I could sing really. I knew that I wanted to be a screamer but I also liked the idea of being able to scream in such a way that my words

Would be somewhat intelligible. It took a lot of experimenting I had to find my own voice. Although Lamb Of God's Randy has been my biggest influence probably.     

And yes it does take a lot of care, the right technique and proper warm up to scream in this style, I think being physically fit helps too.

5. In addition to the demo songs, you have a video for the track "Discipline and Distortion" tell me about the video making experience.


It was quite difficult to make that video. We shot it at the top floor of a pub. It was not easy to set up the green screen and get the right kind of lighting, we weren’t quite sure what we wanted to use in the background in the beginning. It was more of an experiment and to give something to thousands of fans on our Facebook and other social media sites who supported us.   

6. Have you been playing any live shows, and will there be any shows coming up in 2011?


Yes we have been playing live shows in and around London and we are arranging a UK tour at the moment.

7. At this point, how has fan reaction been to Mortad's music?


It been incredibly positive, I sometimes find it hard to believe myself how supportive the fans have been on our Facebook, Reverbnation and other social media sites. We are number one on Reverbnation London Metal charts, number two in the UK one below Napalm Death and have around 30,000 Facebook fans as of this writing, that’s increasing everyday. 

8. In 2011, do you think that women vocalists have shown they can truly hang with the boys?


I think we can even do a better job than the boys! (Smile) I do hope to see more and more females in metal.  

9. Where would you like to see Mortad at this time next year?


I’m hoping the band will begin to realise its true potential and that we will have released our debut album and would be an officially touring band.

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks very much for your time.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. That’s all I would say.


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