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Interview w/ Rob Milley

Band Members:

Alexandre Leblanc - Vocals
Rob Milley - Guitar
Oli "Fetus" Pinard - Bass
Oli "Tiger" Beaudoin - Drums

Country of Origin: Canada

Imagery (1997)

In Silence (Promo 1998)

Virtuosity (Promo 1999)

A Passage Into Forlorn (2001)

Truth Beyond... (2002)

Imagery/A Passage Into Forlorn +bonus (Reissue 2004) Compilation

Truth Beyond/Imagery/A Passage Into Forlorn (Reissue 2005) Compilation

Trilateral Progression (2005)

Live Progression (2007)

The Thin Line Between (2008)

Asylon (2011)


1. Tonight we have the honor to be speaking with the immensely talented Technical Death Metal band Neuraxis, Rob Milley(Guitar). Thanks for your time. For new listeners I can only describe Neuraxis as highly controlled chaos. It amazes me how your music takes the listener right to the edge where you think it is about to go completely off the charts only to be pulled back together with great melody and insane riffing. So what is the method to the madness when creating such a layered and complex sound?

Rob(guitar): I start writing the songs on guitar, riff by riff. I'll flesh out a basic skeleton arrangement of all the riffs... I'm always looking to make every part flow smoothly into the the next. Once the basic arrangement is done, ill record the guitar parts and send it to the band members. They all give their ideas/opinions and eventually the song will be finished with everyone's input. Sometimes a section will be changed or altered to fit better with a vocal pattern or a drum beat.
2. February marked the release of the latest album "Asylon", which has received rave reviews. Did you expect such high marks for the album, and did you know you had created something really special when you completed it?

Rob: When ever we release a new album i never know what people will think or react about it. I definetely felt really good about writing ASYLON and i think i'm the most satisfied i've ever been with completing a Neuraxis album. It's been cool to see many positive reviews. At the same time its also good to get some constructive feedback about what people didn't like about it. So far i'd say 80% of the reviews have been great!
3. The above question leads us to this. Has work began on the next album?

Rob: No. We are on a Summer break at the moment. For me i can't rush into writing music if I don't feel ready. First and foremost i write music for myself and get enjoyment from playing and writing for myself. I'm not the kind of songwriter that writes stuff simply to fullfill a contract or deadline. Who knows when and what the next album will be like...I'm not at that point yet to predict anything.
4. You spent part of the summer on tour with the mighty Sepultra. Stories from the road please. How was tour overall?


 Rob: The Sepultura guys were all very nice to us. It was a good experience watching how they operate and perform on tour. We also had a great time with the other support bands. Belphegor, Hate, Keep of Kalessin and Bonded By Blood. You can imagine there was some crazy parties mixed with Austrians, Polish dudes, Norwegians and us Canadians!

5. Will there be any further touring in support of "Asylon"?


Rob: There is nothing confirmed at the moment. Perhaps we will revisit our homeland of Canada and do a headlining tour or select dates.


6. Some people may not realize this but this band has been going for 15 years. What has been the bands goal during that time and is "Asylon" a culmination of many years work or was it mostly new material?

Rob: I've been playing in Neuraxis for 15 years now. Its been a slow and steady rise to get where we are now. I've gone through many line-up changes and each album has been shaped by all the members in the band at that time of release. Our main goal has mostly been about getting our music recognized to a large audience. This has not been easy as Neuraxis music is not at all commercialized and it takes a lot of attention to all the details we put into the music. Asylon has been the culmination of the years 2009-2010. I may have a had some riffs written from before that but all the songs and structures were assembled during those years mentioned.


7. Certainly we don't want to overlook the previous album "The Thin Line Between" yet another very impressive work. Tell us about this album, writing and recording.



 Rob: The Thin Line Between was our 5th album and consisted of a different line-up. It was written between 2006 and 2008, so it reflected where and who we were at that time. This was an important album in our career as we had a new singer and 2nd guitar player join us. It was a point in my life where i intended to bring the band to a higher level by signing with a bigger label and perform on bigger tours. The writing consisted of myself writing a big part of the album as well as having our 2nd guitar(at that time) also write some songs and our drummer also contributed to the writing as well. It was a dark and progressive album. The recording was not easy as we did it in the middle of a cold harsh Winter in the month of February. The reactions were mixed. We gained a lot of new fans, and some of our older fans did not appreciate it as much. Its natural and part of evolving as a gain some new fans and lose some older fans.

8. With a great album and tour under your belt, what is the next big goal for Neuraxis?

Rob: At the moment Neuraxis is on a Summer break. We spent the last 4 months touring North America on the Deicide tour and Sepultura tour. There is nothing planned as far as a new album or big tours at the moment. Writing, recording and touring on a new album takes a lot of energy and its not something we do to get a financial reward...its for the passion and love of playing our style of music.
9. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

Rob: Thank you for the interview and thanks to anyone who bought our albums, came to our shows and supported Neuraxis in the past, present and future. Cheers!


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