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Blinded In Bliss "Constancy" Review

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Kenny Bass - Metal Unto The Masses

I am going to start this review a little bit different than the previous two, by giving some background information about how I discover a new band.

My good friend, Shawn Brown, is a HUGE metal head! He has a few thousand CD's, has seen hundreds of bands (some of which I will never have the honor of seeing for many different reasons), and probably enough band t-shirts to wear a different one every day for at least one year! We are constantly talking about all things metal. One of us will find a new band or hear some news and tell the other "Hey man, you gotta check out this band!" or "Have you heard that this band is in the studio?" He has deemed himself my metal Yoda! He is a big part of why metal is so important to me and how I have come to discovery so many new and incredible bands.

A few months ago as we were getting ready to head into work he says "Have you heard of the band Blinded In Bliss? One of their singers is Speed from Soilwork and they are pretty damn good." I had not, so he pulled them up on YouTube and showed me a music video they put out and I was blown away! So, I liked their page and saw that they were constantly doing a contest to give away different prize packs for their CD. I tried several times to win and then out of nowhere my fiance ordered the CD for me!

When I finally got the CD in the mail, I was extremely excited to hear what was in store for me. And I was not disappointed!

Blinded In Bliss delivers an awesome heavy dose of metal from Canada. I am very pleased with the quality of this CD, the artwork, and the videos they have released. And they have accomplished all of this as an unsigned band! I have searched all of my metal resources and have found very little information other than who the members of the band are...well were.

Blinded In Bliss line-up for "Constancy":

  • Rudy Martinez - Vocals
  • Björn "Speed" Strid - Vocals
  • Baron Pierce - Lead and rhythm guitars
  • Bryan Leger - Rhythm guitars
  • Pat Kavanagh - Bass
  • Bill Fore - Drums

This CD is melodic, heavy, beautiful, and a showcase of true musicianship! Some of the intros are very captivating. One song's intro in particular, "Deliverance", is so calming and almost makes me want to meditate for the 18 seconds it lasts. It is a short instrumental intro that sounds like it is being played on an old record player and has a little bit of static and crackling in it. I wish I could put into words what that songs does to me, but since I can't you will have to get the CD and see what it does for you. After that short intro the song takes of  with a killer riff and a spectacular drum beat! This song is like a whirlwind of metalness and I can see a killer pit going on during it. The combination of Rudy and Speed's vocals, on this song in particular, are simply amazing. Speed's melodic style is a perfect match to the screams of Rudy and the harmony is so in sync with the music.

Over all the music is very cohesive. The riffing from the guitars, the galloping drum beats, and the dual vocals all come together perfectly. Be prepared for a killer musical roller coaster ride of the mind. I can not go into enough detail about the riffs, breakdowns, beats, or vocals!  I highly recommend that you support this band by purchasing this CD.

Track listing:

  1. Born Into Bondage
  2. Deliverance
  3. Brothers To Arms
  4. Constancy
  5. Destitution
  6. Affinity
  7. The Idea Of Poverty
  8. Washed Away
  9. Factors Affect

Shortly after receiving the CD, BIB released a video for "Deliverance" featuring Danny McAuley. When I started watching the video it revealed that BIB were looking for a new vocalist. I had not read any information regarding the departure of Rudy, so I was kinda weary of this video. But there was no need for that! As soon as the song takes off, it is clear that Danny is extremely talented and is the right replacement for Rudy. I actually like Danny's vocals better. I can not wait to see what their new music will sound like with Danny on vocals.

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