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Band Members: Itea Benedicto (Vocals and Composition), Jesús Díez (Guitars and Composition), Javi Palacios (Bass), Alberto Izquierdo "AT" (Drums)

Origin Country: Spain

Dreaming (EP, 2010)

The Shining Harmony Of Universe (2008) ***

1. We are talking tonight with Itea and Jesus of the band Niobeth. Hello my friends and thanks for your time. Itea you are the vocalist and Jesus you are the guitarist, please introduce us to the other members of Niobeth.

Jesús: Hello, it is our pleasure to be here. The other members of the band are Javi Palacios in the bass and Alberto Izquierdo in the drums. We usually count with one or more guest musicians, but as for the band, that´s it.

2. So you two are the originators of the band. How did you decide to work together and what was the original vision for the band?

Itea: I had 16 when I decided to create a heavy metal band with lyrical voice. I started looking for people interested in a project like this and then I met Jesús through a common friend; he also had been looking for someone to create a similar project so we started to put things in common and soon it was clear. It took about a year until everything took a clear shape and since that moment we have built this heavy – classical sound with a very personal touch. We don´t want to be any other band or sound like them but be always ourselves.

3. The Niobeth sound is one of the most unique I have heard in a long time. Was it part of the concept from the beginning to have such a diverse approach or was it a natural progression?

Jesús: preserving our own sound and characteristic style is always a priority. Since the beginning we wanted to make something which sounds as unique as possible: if we feel like using a bagpipe or an ocarina, it will happen. I don´t have shackles in my mind when composing, I don´t feel we have an anchor on a particular style, Niobeth is what comes from the depths of our souls and it would be a mistake trying to make it sound like any other band.

4. Late 2008 the first album "The Shining Harmony Of Universe" is recorded. tell me about this process.

Itea: it was a quiet long and very hard process, we can say we were almost two months recording the choir, all the instruments for the album and for the mixing. It was an intense work, it was our first album and there were some new things for us. I remember with much care the conversation with Jesús about what would we do with the choirs and backing vocals for the album, we said kind of joking “it would be nice to record a whole real choir”, and the we answered “well, but, where are we going to get a choir from?”. I really think that was a magical moment... I look at each other and knew we were going to do it.

5. Niobeth have also made a very impressive video clip for the song "The Whisper of Rain" Tell me about the experience of making this video.

Jesús: it was a wonderful experience. All the team worked hard and it was a pleasure working with them, as well as a unique experience. The actresses were very nice persons and we were very excited about seeing the final result. Itea: to be honest, it was kind of a painful experience too, because I had to lay in the ground full of rocks and branches which were sticking in my arms and legs, besides the day we recorded the outsides scenes it was really cold and we didn´t wear much clothes... That was the worse part! Ha, ha.

6. Do you feel it is important for a band to create videos and is hard to capture the original vision of the song in video form?

Jesús: I do think so. Videos show the band in “action”, it is not a concert but people loves to see the music accompanied with images and it is also a wonderful means of promotion nowadays. Itea: I love videos! I think Niobeth will be a band that will have a lot of videos and this is because, as Jesús said, it is a wonderful way of promoting the band and the song itself. I think it is very complicated to transmit the idea of a song in images because it is not so easy as downloading your ideas into a computer. You have to speak with the director and he and all the team have to try to imagine it. I guess no video ever transmits completely the whole idea of the composer about the song.

7. I understand you are currently preparing a EP called "Dreaming" for which the proceeds will be donated to the Spanish Red Cross. When will this EP be available?

Jesús: we expect it to be available for middle or late April. However, if the video clip for “Dreaming” if finished before, we will show it as soon as it is ready as a presentation. Anyone interested can keep an eye on the website to know the latest news about the EP and the means to get it.

8. Is the writing for the follow up album complete, and is there a date to enter the studio?

Jesús: it is not complete but very advanced. Itea: the composition is about 75 percent complete, however, the idead are totally clear and many songs are already been played in our rehearsal room. , pero las ideas están totalmente claras y muchos temas ya están sonando en nuestro local de ensayo. The band is working at a more professional level for this album. Jesús: we are preparing several surprises and want to take care of all the details. We already have the title for the album and we are also working on the cover art. The main idea is to enter the studio in June or July, but this is not sure yet.

9. After the completion of the album, what is the next big goal for Niobeth?

Jesús: thanks to our recent agreement with Alkemist Fanatix, the new album will be released worldwide, we are so excited for this new step. The next big goal for us is to make an European tour for the presentation of the new album. Also we would like to prepare an special album presentation concert as we did for the first one.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks for the interview.

Itea: thank you very much to you for the interview and to all the readers for reading it. I would also like to thank to all the people who follow us and support us, to all the fans who make even more beautiful this incredible world of music. Jesús: thank you very much and a big hug to all Nocturnal Euphony readers.


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