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Obituary show 12/05/14 - Review by: Peter Dul

So there I was...I had just walked through the doors. I was in not that one, but the infamous third level of the almighty Masquerade Venue! The place is flooded with metal heads from all walks of life. Black Metalers, Doomsters, Viking Metalers, Thrashers and so on. Gathered here to pay their respects to the legendary metal band Obituary.

This is not only my first time seeing them, but really listening to them. I have heard their name in the past, and have listened to a few songs so I wasn't totally clueless. Then again, I had no idea what I was in for.

The room gets dark.. I'm thrown off for a second because Whiskey Man by Molly Hatchet begins to play.. lol. I'm not complaining though. Those whom know me know I love my classic rock.

Being in the sound booth, I asked the engineer what that was about. He informs me "they always play that song before they go on". Cool. The guitar begins to feedback. As the feedback is roaring we hear a man yell...ATALANTAAAAAA GEORGIAAAAA!!!! OBITUARYYYYYYY!!!! Bottles and other random objects begin to fly around the venue. Fits start to pump! You can feel the energy from the speakers and amps knock your chest in. I decided to leave the sound booth and head towards the gates on the side of the stage to get in on some of the action, and just as I did this all of the lights shined on the audience and illuminated this sea of people with their fists, as well as, their horns held high. A beautiful and incredible sight.

The guitarist seems to have some level troubles, as their is an extra long pause between songs. But, he quickly recovers and the band bursts into the next massive sounding track. Lights perfectly in tune with the double bass kicks. Roaring on like warriors heading into battle they have certainly brought a no bullshit pure fucking american metal show. For someone that hasn't really listened to Obituary.. the question I left myself with was "why haven't I listened to them as much as I should have?"

Seeing this band really opened my eyes and now have another band I can say I really enjoy and like. If you have not seen them, I highly recommend you get yourself to a show next time they come through your city/state/country. You are only doing yourself a favor. I give this show 9/10 Hammers. Cheers til next time. 

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