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Interview w/ Simon Kostro

Band Members:

Arkadiusz E. Ruth - Bass

Karol Mania - Guitars

Simon Kostro - Vocal

Kamil Ruth - Drums

Gunsen - Guitar and Graphic Designs

Slavomir Belak - Synthesizers

Country of Origin: Poland

In The Beginning - Demo CD 2008

Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time - CD 2010


1. Tonight we are talking with Simon Kostro of the Epic and Powerful new band Pathfinder. Hello my friend, thanks for speaking with us. Pathfinder are quickly gaining a massive following and receiving many high reviews. How long has the band been together?


Hello Everybody! It`s hard to say when did we get together as a band. To be honest, it might be something between 3-4 years right now. At the beginning we were focused on many different non-music aspects of the band like looking for the rehearsal place or making our official website. Of course, we were most focused on music – but remember that at the beginning we didn't play as the whole band. The particular „parts” were gathered with time. Arkhain (Bass-player) and Maniac (lead guitar player) created the conspectus of the band and the main idea of „how it supposed to sound like”. Later on the new band members were upgrading their point of view, and at the end we were struggling with recording our material. It takes a lot of time, money and strength to play in a band dude !!! 2. What has the reaction within the band been so far concerning all the great talk about Pathfinder? You mean, what do we think about it?


It`s great. We didn't expect that kind of feedback from all around the world. We are getting a lot of nice reviews, and most likely they are very far, hehehe. I would be a liar, if I would say that that kind of feedback it`s not important for us. We were very anxious at the beginning when we were realizing our debut material, but right now we can see, that there is a lot of people who are interested in that kind of music, and it`s giving us a „wings”. At this moment we do know one think, that the next album will have to be better then the first one, cause somebody will be waiting for it! That`s also giving us a big punch of energy for work and for making bigger and bigger plans for future. 3. When the band was formed what was the idea or concept for the music, and do you think the band has lived up to that vision?


The main concept of the band was created by Arkhain and Maniac (bass and guitar player). They music influences and „musical chemistry” which just happened between them created the main idea and the course which supposed to be taken in the future by the band. Later on, we created the whole concept of the album, logo, myspace layout and many others. Rest of the band members are also putting their „few words” and we are trying to create the band`s ideas as a team, but right from the beginning the concept of the band was power metal fantasy based. So far we are going this way, and I cannot say what`s going to happen in the future.... 4. Pathfinder has a sound built in the foundations of symphonic, powerful Metal. What is most important to you when performing and writing this style of Metal?


Hmmm. I think that the biggest attitude about power metal and metal in whole music genre is power and the energy which can be sent to the listeners, and which can be taken also from them. I think that all headbangers from all around the world will say that. And it`s not only about power metal. It`s about that kind of extreme music. Some people may say that we are not playing metal, hehehe. We do think that symphonic parts, speed elements are giving just the unique view of the band, but all the metal bands are based on energy and power. And that is the most important in that kind of music. 5. The album "Beyond the Space, Beyond the Time" is the debut record for the band. How long was the writing process, and tell us how the recording session went.


To be honest, I won`t be able to specify the expected time of it. The material for this album was gathered for a many months. Some of the songs were made at the beginning of the band existence and some of them were recorded in studio straight ahead. It`s very hard to say. We were improving all the time, and you can hear it on our album. Some of the songs are older then the rest of it, and we are still improving our style, on and on. The recording session was very big challenge for us, and we knew that if we`ll fuck it up at the beginning the album will be crappy one, then the rest of the gates will be closed for us as a band. So we were pushing and rushing ourselves as hard as it was possible. We were trying to give as much as it was possible these days and I hope that it`s hear-able for all. But the recording session was hard for us in that point of view. We learned a lot, and I hope that the future sessions will be getting better and better all the time. Maybe one day we`ll record whole album in 2 days, hehehe. 6. Does the band write as a whole or are there primary song writers within the band?


No. Most of the music, ideas, riffs and vocal lines are created by the band leaders: Arkhain and Maniac. All the band members are working on the material, and if anyone would like to show their new ideas to the others, can do so. So far the 90 % of the music is created by this two guys and we are just trying to use our „fresh minds” to improve those ideas. Arkhain is also creating the orchestral lines to the all music, so you can say it`s better that one person is doing these two things. He`s looking in different view on particular songs. We are not creating let`s say the guitar lines to the idea... cause the whole idea is just ready with guitars, drums and all lines. That kind of work is better for us, cause then we are not having the empty spaces in our music, and the whole parts are ready from the beginning to he end. 7. We are now into 2011, what is the main goal for Pathfinder this year?


Playing the gigs, showing the world how much we can drink and creating the new material, hehehe. So far we are trying to play in some summer festivals, and we are still looking for more gig opportunities. At the end of this summer, I think we`ll think about getting the new material recorded or we`ll start to record some demo material even faster then end of the summer. Yeah, but the main goal is playing as many live shows as it`s possible and promoting our debut album. 8. There are several well known Symphonic Metal bands out currently such as Rhapsody of Fire, and Avantasia, what do you feel sets Pathfinder apart from other similar bands?


It a veerryyyyy big honor to us. We are not even trying to set our-self into that kind of level, cause it takes time, experience and a lot of work which we are looking forward. You cannot just record one album and then you can say that „I am like a dragonforce!” – no fucking way. We do know what kind of aspects we need to work on, and we are still looking for the new roads for us. It`s very nice when people are comparing us to the Rhapsody of fire, Avantasia and others – but we realize that there is a 1000 of a band who sound similar of quite same like this bands. Our biggest dream is to meet those guys one day, have a chat, drink with them and to spend some good party time together in the bus. That would be awesome.... 9. I would certainly say that Pathfinder is off to a very impressive start. What has been the biggest obstacle for the band to overcome so far?


I think that our debut album „Beyond the....” was our biggest challenge. I am sure that „obstacle” is a wrong word, because no matter what you are doing, if you are trying to do this in the best possible way, you are always finding some difficult parts which you didn`t expect. As the new-comers we were trying to record this album best we could and we gave 101 % from ourselves. In some parts the music, ideas, level of the difficulty just over-grove us. All the band members are experienced musicians and we expect what kind of problems might happen in recording sessions but believe me, we didn't realize how big shit we were trying to make, hehehe. It just took more time then we expect at the beginning, but today I think it was worth it. So far we are trying to prepare ourselves to the second session for the second album, because it`s going to be faster, bigger, better and more metal material then our debut, so be prepared for the face-smash ! 10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.


I would like to thanks all the metal maniacs all around the world for reading this interview, and I`ll hope we`ll meet somewhere in time to drink some nice vodka-based-drinks !!! Keep supporting metal.




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