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Raven X

Interview with both band members:

Nÿx - Vocals & Lyrics

Khâos - Instruments & Music

Country of Origin: USA



1. Tonight we have the pleasure to be speaking with Nÿx and Khâos of the exciting and dynamic band Raven X. Hello my friends and welcome to the Nocturnal Euphony family. To begin let's look at the Raven X sound. You have managed to create a vast sound scape that includes many genres of Metal and
even a touch of industrial influence. How did this sound come about? 

Nÿx: Hello! It's an honor to have this opportunity to be a part of The Nocturnal Euphony family! Both Khâos and I have a huge variety of music genres that we listen to, so this has opened the creative direction. We both have opened each others eyes to different genres of music that individually we may have never listened to on our own.

Khâos: Absolutely,we try to stay open to each others influence on the music. The sound basically comes from our own inspiration and we try to stay faithful to that regardless of if the sound has aspects of it that are not based in metal.

2. Concerning your writing process I understand that you Nÿx write the lyrics and Khâos you create the music and instrumental parts. Please explain how you write, do you add lyrics to the music or vise versa? 

Nÿx: The music comes first. Most of the time my own personal feelings are what i put into the lyrics. Other times it's where the music is bringing me and my twisted mind...hahaha. I find it terribly difficult to write without emotion. Even if the idea has not happened to me personally I like to live in the moment.

3. I understand you are currently working on the debut album. How is the process going so far and is there a release date? 

Khâos: It's been long and difficult recording the debut album because we are doing every step of the process ourselves. After making the decision to handle every aspect of the album's recording it created a lot more work for us individually,so it is taking quite a bit longer than originally planned. The great thing about handling it ourselves is that we have the freedom to make every detail of the album be exactly how we want it. As far as a release date goes, nothing is set in stone
yet, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and details about the album and it's release will be made public very soon.

4. Share with us how you came to create your music. What was the driving force that made you decide it was time to create Raven X?

Khâos: As Nÿx said earlier,the music is written first and the main ideas are often written in my mind before they are ever played on an instrument. After the initial idea is inspired, I develop them further on the various instruments to physically and sonically create what I hear in my head.
When the music and instrumental ideas are finished,I turn them over to Nÿx to handle the lyrical and vocal parts of the songs.


5. After the album release has there been any thought given to adding a few other members to play live?
Nÿx: That would be a dream come true to actually find others that would want to play these songs live someday.

Khâos: I agree with Nÿx,I would love to add other musicians and play the songs live. It really comes down to how much of a demand there is from our fans and supporters to play live or to do a tour.


6. Is this the first band project for either of you or is there other bands you have material released with?

Nÿx: Raven X is my very first project.

Khâos: In the past,I have been involved in many other projects and bands, but Raven X will be my first project with officially released material.


7. What does being in the unique position of writing your own music mean to you both personally?
Nÿx: There is nothing better than being able to have the freedom to express where the music takes me and to be able to put my personal thoughts into lyrics. I love heavy music...the heavier the better, but with direction and thought. I feel like Raven X does show these things and sometimes even with some groove.

Khâos: Creating original music and being able to express my thoughts,emotions and feelings through it means everything to me. It really allows me to interpret what is in my mind and heart in a way words can't provide. It is also a great feeling when the listener enjoys what you have created.

8. In closing please leave our readers with any final thought or comments and thanks for your time. We wish you all the best with the album.

Khâos: Thank you to all of our friends and fans for their support of Raven X and their patience with us during the recording of our debut album is really appreciated. The wait is almost over and we really believe you will not be let down.

Nÿx: The responses and the appreciation from people all over the different parts of the world is so amazing! Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen to Raven X!



(NEI will post album updates and more when they become available, they are working on new album now)



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