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Review and Interview 2010:

REV 16:8 was born from the ashes of Bloodshed in early 2008. Initially consisting of a five piece: Themgorothm Nefastus, Ill, Pata and Talon. A promo-pack was soon recorded and the first gigs scheduled in Germany. The recording of the first studio album entitled "Grand Tidal Rave" started in late 2008 with the band's core members Pata, Nefastus, and Talon. It was later released by Temple of darkness Recors in 2009. The goal of Rev. 16:8 since its beginning is to create the most professional, powerful and hateful black metal out there. After 10 years of struggle, ignorant fucks and tons of bullshit, a new devotion and determination has led to what today is the force of Rev 16:8.

Releases: Grand Tidal Rave - 2009

Band Members: Talon (Vocals, Guitars), Nefastus (Guitars), Pata (Drums)

Origin Country: Sweden

1. Tonight we are speaking with Talon the vocalist for the Swedish Black Metal band Rev 16:8. Rev 16:8 was created from the remains of the band Bloodshed. Please explain how Rev 16:8 came to be in it's present form?

We were four people in the beginning and the singer position needed to be filled. We spoke about different options and everyone liked the voice of Themgoroth and the work he did on Dark Funeral's "The secrets of the black arts" and Infernal's MCD recording. I contacted Themgoroth at first, not knowing anything about his current band situation. He apparently had heard some material of us before that he liked so we decided to arrange a meeting. After a few beers it was concluded that he would be the new lead singer. Rehearsing began and we recorded a promo containing two tracks that were posted on myspace. When it was time to record "Grand tidal rave" we had run into tons of unexpected problems. Also, to top it off Themgoroth decided to leave the band when the vocal recording session was about to start. This was the beginning of what REV 16:8 is today, with me handling the vocals.

2. I must say the music of Rev 16:8 is very impressive. It is described in your bio as it's goal being to make professional, powerful, hateful Black Metal. There are so many Black Metal bands that strive to create Black Metal in the form of sounding horrible. Why is it important for you to make professional sounding Black Metal?

There's a unique vein in Black metal that can be reached through a wide variety of ways. Production-wise would be everything from "tin can" to a well produced sound, material-wise from primitive to technical. We prefer to create our stuff in a professional manner because we feel that there's a lot more to explore in the well produced and technical genre of Black Metal.

3. This genre of Metal has under gone so much criticism over the last few years, and has tended to almost burn itself out, yet Rev 16:8 has managed to create a exciting and powerful new sound.? What has been the driving force behind the writing of your music?

There's always been a driving force of pursuing and evolving the aspects of Black Metal from both Nefastus and I, ever since the Bloodshed days. Back then it was about mixing BM and DM, and it worked for that band and it was interesting in its way. Now with REV 16:8 we can focus all our efforts to solely delving into the realm of BM.

4. The debut album is called "Grand Tidal Rave" tell us about the recording of the album, where was it made, and who produced it?

November: Recording of drums for "Grand Tidal Rave" begins at A.R.T.-studio. December : Guitars are recorded at Creeper Sounds. January: Bass-lines are recorded at Creeper Sounds. February: Vocals are recorded at Mandarine Studios. Mixing and mastering is done by Sverker Widgren at Necromorbus Studios. All the studios are located in Stockholm.

5. The album is receiving very high reviews. does the band write the material has a whole or is there 1 person doing most of the writing?

Pata gets a say about drum arrangements but Nefastus and I write all the material. I wrote most of the lyrics for "Grand tidal rave" and will be writing all lyrics for the next release.

6. Has work started on the second album?

Yes we've begun writing the new album. Recording of drums is scheduled to start in May at Necromorbus Studios. We aim to get the album out in November/December 2010.

7. Is Rev 16:8 playing any live shows, and are you planning on playing in other countries?

We had a European tour planned for March but it got cancelled. The only gig we have booked so far is Lyon, France in May.

8. What is the next big goal for Rev 16:8?

To record a solid second album and to tour as much as possible.

9. Where do you see Black Metal 10 years from now?

Wherever REV 16:8 is black metal will follow.

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

Thanks for the interview, much appreciated.


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