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Interview w/ Dave Coia

Band Members:

Daryl Boyce - Vocals
Dave Coia - Guitar
Owen McKendrick - Guitar
Mark Scobie - Bass/Vocals
Tam Moran - Drums

Country of Origin: Scotland


1. Tonight we are speaking with Scordatura from Glasgow, Scotland. Welcome to Nocturnal Euphony my friends. Please introduce the band members to our readers.

Daryl (19) - Vocals
Dave (20) - Guitar
Owen (20) - Guitar
Scobie (21) - Bass
Tam (19) - Drums

2. The band is still pretty new. What is your history to this point?

Well we've been gigging since mid 2008, started off just in and around Glasgow, within our first six months we got the chance to support some great bands such as Cryptopsy, Misery Index, Aborted, Cerebral Bore & Beneath The Massacre. We've done 2 small Scottish tours, one in 2009 and one in 2010. We have recently just done a small tour in England and Wales alongside Cerebral Bore & Laceration.
In our early days we released a 2 track Demo in 2009 called "Garrote" and a 4 track EP later on in 2009 called "Open Skies". Later in 2010 we put our a pre-production demo of some tracks we going to have on the album, but due to a member change we have since released a new 2 track teaser demo of our full length album. This is available for FREE download on our Facebook page.
3. Scordatura plays in the Death Metal genre. How is the Metal scene in Glasgow?

The death metal scene in Glasgow right now is pretty poor. There are some great Scottish death metal bands about at the moment, but no-one in Glasgow seems interested in booking DM shows anymore. Hopefully things pick up again.
4. Have you had a chance to play outside of your city?

Yeah we've played across Scotland, down to England and also Wales. So far we've played: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Striling, Haddington, Anstruther, Perth, Dumfries, Newcastle, Sunderland, Birmingham, Derby & Cardiff. We hope to get around a lot more cities in the New year however.
5. What is the immediate goal for the band right now?

Well we've been writing a load of new material of the past year inbetween gigging so we're hoping to hit the studio and record again soon.
6. There is talk of playing throughout Europe in 2012. Do you know who you will be hitting the road with?

Yeah we will have some Euro dates in 2012, but we can't say right now who it will be with. We're also aiming to get on some festivals in Europe this year too.
7. Are there any plans for an album in the next year?

Yeah as I said before we have been writing a load of new material recently and hope to hit the studio to record our full length around April/May with the release later on in the year.
We have been planning the album for over a year now, but due to a member change last year things got set back a little. However we will be releasing new material this year!
8. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments and all the best in 2012.

We would also like to thank everyone for all the great support we've had throughout 2011, we hope to see you all out at a show in the near future.
Look out for new show and tour announcements soon!



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