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Septic Flesh

Interview and Review 2010: **Updated for 2011**

Origin Country: Athens, Greece

Band Members:  Spiros "Seth" Antoniou(Bass/Vocal) - Christos Antoniou(Guitar/Orchestral) - Fotis Giannakopoulos(Drums) - Sotiris Vayenas(Guitar/Vocal)

Genres: Melodic death metal, Death metal, Symphonic metal, Gothic metal

Years active: 1990 - 2003 / 2007-present

Labels: Hammerheart Records, Season of Mist

Associated acts: Chaostar, Firewind, Nightfall, Nightrage, Rotting Christ

* Forgotten Path (Demotape, 1991)

* Temple of the Lost Race (EP, 1991)

* Mystic Places of Dawn (1994)

* Esoptron (1995)

* The Ophidian Wheel (1997)

* A Fallen Temple (1998)

* The Eldest Cosmonaut (EP, 1998)

*Forgotten Paths (Compilation, 1999)

* Revolution DNA (1999)

* Sumerian Daemons (2003)

* Communion (2008)

NEW ALBUM UPDATE: Greek demons SEPTICFLESH just finished recording the successor of 2008's "Communion". After a long period of intense work in Athens, Prague and Sweden, the evolution of the band's Symphonic Death sound has been achieved with the help of the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague and well known artist / producer Peter Tägtgren. 130 musicians were involved in the recording process. Besides the traditional classic orchestra instruments, this time SEPTICFLESH incorporated harpsichord, some bizarre ethnic instruments and a boy soprano to their sound, pursuing a more "horror soundtrack" approach. Of course, the guitars will still shred you to death! The release of the forthcoming 10-song album is expected for the first quarter of 2011. In the meantime, a brand new song will be available worldwide as an exclusive digital download single from this December 17th on.

* The Great Mass (2011)

Seth Siro Anton - Artist


1. Hello my friends, thanks for taking the time to speak with us. For those who don't know Septic Flesh hail from the Ancient land of Greece. How is the Metal scene in Greece, and are you receiving good support?


-There are some bands that have achieved considerable recognition in the wider metal scene, as Rotting Christ, Firewind and us. There is also a big wave of bands that are striving to gain a decent record contract and things in general are difficult. Thankfully, after all those years, we have a strong base of fans.

2. Septic Flesh formed back in 1990, by 91 the band had released the EP "Temple of the Lost Race". What was the original goal for the band, and did you think you would still be making music in 2010?


- Our ambition at that period was to find a good record label in order to release our material outside of Greece. We didn’t think much further as there were a lot of difficulties and the Greek Metal “industry” was at a very primitive level. I feel great that we are still active in 2010 and in fact things are going very well for the band.

3. In 2003 Septic Flesh split up and the members went their separate ways. What brought about this split?


- At that period some members of the band felt the need to pursue different goals on a personal level. As the obligations of the band were very demanding, Septic Flesh was put in the Ice. After some years, when personal goals were achieved and there was more free time available, we started thinking again about the band. As we had also the inspiration to write new material worthy of the bands history Seth, Chris and me joined forces again, with the addition of Fotis on drums. He is a fantastic drummer that brought a breath of fresh air to our rhythm section.

4. By 2007 the band had reformed. What lessons were learned during the time apart, and do you think the time away made the band stronger?


-We are stronger, more experienced and more focused on what we want to achieve musically. And as there were never bad feelings between us, it was really easy to work together again.

5. At this point Septic Flesh has a very impressive discography. Including the last album "Communion" which I think is a truly outstanding work. Each album seems to have its own separate feel and voice. Is this how you intend to create each album?


- Yes, we intend on keeping the tradition of creating albums with different “auras”. Actually we use no recipe to create our music. You can say that each album reflects our emotions and thoughts at a specific period of time.

6. Speaking about the album "Communion" tell us about the writing of this work. What did you have in mind when the writing first began?


- We wanted to create a very dark hearted album. We also created songs with a more experimental approach, especially concerning the classical orchestrations. I consider Communion as the first chapter in a new phase for band’s history. And the new album is the second chapter. We went even further experimenting and adding multiple musical layers to the songs, while at the same time we sound Heavy as Hell.

7. Has work started on the next album? If so when can we expect to hear it?


-We just finished the mix of the new songs, with the help of known producer Peter Tagtgren. It took us a long of time to complete the recording process. We worked on Athens, Sweden and Prague (as we used again the Filmharmonic Orchestra of Prague). At last, it is time for a little rest. Most importantly we are very excited from the result. The new album is a wicked piece of symphonic Death Metal with a “cinematic” atmosphere. It will be released on the first quarter of 2011, again from the French label, Season of Mist.

8. Septic Flesh have been busy touring over the last couple years. When and where will the next tour start?


- We will start thinking about it in the beginning of the next year. Obviously, the tour will begin after the release of the new album. As for festivals, what I can tell you for the moment is that we will participate on the next Hellfest in France.

9. Septic Flesh have spent a good deal of time playing in the U.S. how do these shows compare to some of the other countries you have played?


- The U.S. shows were very successful, as also the European shows. We are very pleased as a lot of new people found out for the first time what Septicflesh stands for. And we had also the opportunity to play along with well known bands as Behemoth and Cradle of Filth.

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts, and thanks again for your time.


-Thank you for the interview. Keep the dark flame burning!


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