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Septic Flesh: The Great Mass
This month I have the pleasure to announce the new Septic Flesh album "The Great Mass" as Album of the Month for June, however it has moved to the top contender in my opinion for Album of the Year.
So far in 2011 I have yet to hear anything even close to what Septic Flesh has accomplished with "The Great Mass". The infusion of a choir as well as the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra blended in with a Hellish Death Metal Style vocal, Septic Flesh have managed to create a stunning Metal Masterpiece that will leave you wanting more.
 This album manages to take all the usual quality expectations that we have come to expect from Septic Flesh and add a entire new dimension. While blending the Death Metal approach with large scale orchestration is not entirely new Septic Flesh have managed to avoid the pitfall of having the symphony outshine the band.
The elements of the orchestration work within the songs very fluidly without being over bearing. While the album boasts 10 new tracks the new experiences and approaches the band have used easily add up to more than enough to keep you hanging with anticipation from song to song. This is hands down a brilliant and truly Epic new milestone from one Metals most relevant and powerful bands.


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