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Interview w/ Georg Neuhauser

Band Members:

Georg Neuhauser (vox)

Thomas Buchberger (guitar)

Mario Hirzinger (keys)

Fabio D'Amore (bass)

Andreas Schipflinger (drums)

Country of Origin: Austria

Starseed V.R. (Demo 2002)

Engraved Within (Demo 2005)

Words Untold & Dreams Unlived (2007)

Fallen Sanctuary (2008)

Death & Legacy (2011)



1. Tonight we are speaking with Georg Neuhauser lead vocalist of the quickly growing and highly impressive band Serenity. Georg thanks for your time. The new album from Serenity titled "Death and Legacy" has just been released and is being praised with many great reviews. This is a very unique album as it is a collection of tracks dedicated to popular historic figures. Tell us about how this concept came about.

Hi everyone! Thanks a lot for giving us this space!
Yeah, the new album’s release has been incredible received and widely accepted!
It’s another step forward in our career and we are grateful to all our fans and everybody who’s helping Serenity growing.
We came up with the historical theme seen our passion about this topic, especially as regarding my personal formation.
I’ve always been involved into history and historical characters, and their legacies. It was a clear and natural line we decided to follow, and I can say the result was awesome. I’m sure we will bring this on in the future...

2. Taking the writing further than just telling there stories, how did you go about trying to capture the true emotion of these iconic figures?

You know, the best way to explain their lives and situations was going back with the time, and thinking, just for a minute, to be in their ages, and fully understanding the past. If you understand ancestors, you can better understand our present, and vice-versa. Fill in their shoes, and try to think what they would have thought or would have done in certain situations. Feelings you collect during this process, may sound a bit complicated, but instead really smooth, will guide you during the songwriting.
3. Not only did Serenity write such a striking album, but you also have some special guests involved such as our friends Charlotte Wessels of Delain, Amanda Sommerville, and Ailyn of Sirenia. Did you have these vocalists in mind when the tracks were first written?

We definitely started wondering about the guests we had, during the process we talked about before. I can say our choices have been exactly what we were aiming for! Ailyn was perfect playing the sweet role of the unforgotten lover, Amanda did a stunning job as Queen Elisabeth and Charlotte was exactly fitting the part for the inquisition.
Ailyn is a great Serenity fan and it was easy start working with her. We’ve been in touch with Charlotte after the first tour we did together a couple of years ago, supporting Kamelot and we also work with the same producer, Oliver Phillips. We asked Amanda, even if we didn’t have any previous partnership, but I honestly it was really easy and fast working with her. In all 3 cases, 3 exciting experiences!

4. Along with Metal guitar riffs the album incorporates orchestral arrangements. Do you feel this helped to define more character in the album?

Yes I agree, but not only : it also defines the musical idea we have now for Serenity. The orchestral arrangements melt with the atmospheres we wanted to create and give an epic feeling, completed by the harsh and angry riffing, typical of metal music. These 2 “ingredients” make Serenity’s musical journey, always seeking for evolution and improvement.

5. In addition to the album a video has been shot for the song "The Chevalier" featuring the lovely Ailyn of Sirenia. The video is a very artistic and beautiful. Tell us about the experience of making the video.

It was an awesome experience for everybody! This time, we worked together with Salvatore Perrone, an Italian director. We knew what we wanted and even tho it was not easy, we all worked as a big team, and this was the surplus.
It took us nearly 3 days, shooting under the snow and rigid temperatures of our land, Tyrol in Austria. We also used some animals, as horses and falcons and those elements gave the storyboard a realistic flavor.
We obviously focused more onto the duet between Casanova and his lover, as you could see, but we came up with a mini-movie!
We were really impressed the first time we watched its preview!
6. With this kind of album do you feel that videos will serve to enhance the overall experience?

I think it serves to help people to understand the meaning of the lyrics and to complete the music with a 360° imaginary. You know, music can also be taken as images, if you close your eyes for a second. Well, releasing videos that show those images you have in mind while listening, fulfill the melodies with the visual aspect.

7. Of course fans are going to want to see the band live. Are there touring plans for the summer?

After the experiences in Hungary and CZ Republic, and the sad cancellation we were forced to for Metal Camp in Slovenia, we have now a headlining show on Sept. 09, in Germany. This show will be special, as we will have a full set-list and we’ll complete the stage performance with maxi-screens and fire games!
Afterwards, we’ll start announcing our next touring activities...
8. What is the next big goal for Serenity, and are there plans underway for the next album?

For sure! Together with Fabio, our new bass player, we’re already starting the songwriting for our next release!
The next big goal is keep spreading Serenity’s music around the world, and also touring wherever we didn’t yet!
9. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.  

Thanks again for taking the time to read this and for purchasing our latest album “Death & Legacy”! If you still didn’t, please go to and take a listen! You won’t be disappointed!



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