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Seven Kingdoms

Band Members: Sabrina Valentine - Vocals, Camden Cruz - Guitars, Kevin Byrd - Guitars, Miles Neff - Bass, Keith Byrd - Drums,

Country Origin: USA *** ***



Interview w/ Camden Cruz.

1. Tonight we are speaking with the exciting and upcoming band Seven Kingdoms. So Camden, you and Bryan Edwards started this band in Florida in 2007. What was the goal for the band at that time?

-At this time it was really just a fun project. we were just trying to combine a lot of our favorite genres all into one. I was always wanting to start a power metal band but being from a death metal/hardcore background it was natural for Bryan and I to lean more on the heavy side of things. So we recorded a full length album on a shoe string budget. guitars were recorded on my crappy little computer mic and the drums were a machine! LOL we did however want those big Blind Guardian backing vocals since that's awesome. So that's why we went to Morrisound to get the vocals and backing done :)

2. You didn't waste anytime getting to work on recording the debut album "Brothers of the Night". How long was it from the time you started the band until you finished the recording of the album?

-Bryan and I spent probably 4 months on that. We had everything pretty much written by the time Keith and Kevin rolled in, sadly. so ya it was just really a fun project to start out. We got more serious on the second album needless to say.

3. When did the writing start for the second self titled album?

-We actually had a demo of the first song called "into the dark" right after the studio on the first album that soon changed into "open the gates" after Bryan left. so basically right after wards we started writing again.

4. What led to the departure from keyboards on the second album?

-We really didn't have a lot of keys on the first album and felt bad because live john just had like 2-3 parts. so it was us really just wasting talent. He is a fantastic singer we later found out and he has been doing that since. I put his band on a lot of the Floridian shows I book.

5. You are currently touring with Blind Guardian, and Holy Grail. How is the tour going so far?

-Pretty phenomenal. It was always our dream to tour with Guardian. I used to joke with Kevin that our first tour was going to be with them and poof. it happened. The crowds are great and it seems as if we are getting great reactions! hopefully they will want us back so we can do another tour :) The guys in Holy Grail are just plain rad. cool and very talented guys.

6. Before this tour the band has played with some other big names. Who else have you played with?

-Lets see, Sonata Arctica, Wasp, Soilwork (was booked twice with them but both got canceled), Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Prog Power USA (Hammerfall, Kamelot, Accept that big fest in Atlanta)

7. So two full length albums, a big tour under your belt, some good live experience. What is the next big goal for Seven Kingdoms?

-well we're going to go home and start saving a ton of money again. Sadly that's what it seems to take in the industry now days. We will be writing our tails off getting ready for the 3rd album. that's really going to be our moment i think. were really going to try and blow the roof off with the next one. We also hope we can land on a good label as in a Nuclear Blast, Century or something of that caliber. We just hope that they will take a chance on a band that will actually work hard. I always love seeing when a band get signed and then they are never active. Bands that don't use the tools they are given just make me sick. Hopefully we will get another tour by the end of the year too. Lets also hope that that tour is one in Europe :)

8. Do you write any new material while touring, and have you started on a third album?

- I think during the tour its more of listening to a lot of music and soaking it in. at least with me that's what I'm doing. I cant write unless I'm at home in front of my computer or in the practice space with the guys. so the tour is all about marinating :) We do have one song that is practically done. Its pretty sick, straight forward Guardian meets savage circus meets Hammerfall meets any other good metal band. hahaha.

9. Being on tour, what is keeping Seven Kingdoms entertained in between cities?

-XBOX 360 hahahah! also lots of movies and music!

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks for your time.

-Thanks so much for the interview! thank you to all our past present and new fans that we have meet on the road! we thank you guys for your support and hopefully we can come to all of your home towns soon!


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