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Origin Country: Sweden

* Siebenbürgen – (1996)(band photo)

* Ungentum Pharelis – (1996)

* Siebenbürgen - Live (1996)

* Loreia – (1997)

* Grimjaur – (1996)

* Delictum – (2000)

* Plagued Be Thy Angel – (2001)

* Darker Designs & Images – (2005)

* Revelation VI – (2008)

1. This is our first interview with one of my long time favorite bands Siebenburgen. Let's start with a introduction of the current line up.

As usual we have a new line up, lets hope that we can keep this one running a bit longer than “normal” because I really think we dish out some good shit. We are; Johnny Gunther; Keyboards Dennis Ekdahl; Drums Joakim Ohlsson; Lead guitars Lisa Bohwalli Simonsson; vocals Marcus Ehlin; Bass guitars and main growls Richard Bryngelsson; Rhythm and lead guitars

2. As our readers may or may not know Siebenburgen brought the band to an end a few years ago, and has now reformed. What led to the band calling it quits?

It was an accumulation of things that made us really tired of music and the music industry. Nothing specific but after the ordeals and labor of giving birth to “Darker Designs..” with a lot of internal turmoil and external bullshit we just sat down and said fuck this shit man. Lets pull the plug and get out of this business.

3. How and when did the band decide to reform?

Well after replenishing our batteries we knew we still had something left to share and there was this drummer guy that was harassing us to reform (with him on drums of course) and finally we agreed to start up again and we haven’t looked back or regretted it since. It got exciting to play again with the new energies that the new members brought to the band.

4. The latest album "Revelation VI" is a really outstanding release. The songs have a stunning blend of hard edge style that is complemented perfectly by haunting melody. What are your thoughts on the new album?

Thanks man! We really feel that this is our strongest effort yet and we are damn satisfied with how it came out. I think it is a step forward for us, much harder and more aggressive then before yet still soft and emotional at times. And for once it seems that everyone likes it. On a personal level; recording with Andy LaRoque in his studio, one of my long time guitar heroes, was a lifetime high and a truly special experience.

5. What would you say are the biggest differences between "Revelation VI" and the last album " Darkest Designs and Images"?

The atmosphere added by a “real” keyboard player. I mean we never had keys this involved in our music before, sure there were parts and passages before but not as complex and entwined as now. Also I would say that we all worked together like a band, everyone had input and opinions, on “Darker..” it was more a duo with Marcus and me.

6. Is there a subject matter or sound scape you would like to use or experiment with on a Siebenburgen album that you have yet to try, and what would that be?

No I don’t know man. When we write our music (at least I) then what ever comes out comes out you know. There is no ulterior plan behind things just a set of songs that somehow fits together. So will see what directions and turns the new material takes when we sit down to make it.

7. In 2009 the world of Metal has changed so much in it's styles and approaches. What are your thoughts on the many new faces and styles of Metal, and where do you think Siebenburgen fits into this ever changing world?

I always saw Siebenburgen as somehow standing outside of things and forging its own path on the metal highway. We were never influenced by anything or anyone enough to let it affect where we are going. Metal changes constantly and I guess so do we, I hope we can attract a bigger audience but in the end we are doing this firstly for our own pleasure. Personally I like good, quality music whatever forms it takes, from the extreme to the not so harsh. You’d be surprised to see our playlists haha.

8. Will there be another new album coming up, and has work started on it?

We never stop making music, I have more than 30 unfinished songs on my hard-drive here and I know Marcus is working on shit too so I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen the last of us yet. As long as there are people out there that want to hear our little dark creations, and we still have the will and lust to continue to create them, then we shall continue to do so.

9. The band has achieved international fame, will we see any more touring in 2009?

No I don’t think so, we had a few requests from Germany but those are probably not going to happen. It is difficult for a six-piece like us to make tours happen, I mean we all have work outside of Siebenburgen and we need to see the green to pay our rents and stuff before we can hit the road. Can you believe that after all these years touring and releasing albums there are promoters that think that we will play for a sandwich and a beer. Amazingly we’ve had to turn a lot of those down. Specially in these days with album sales dropping worldwide.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks very much for the interview.

Thanks for the opportunity Jason. Be true to yourself, don’t take any crap from anyone, life is too fucking short to be riding in the back seat. Stay metal!


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