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Interview w/ Vocalist, Guitarist: Taus

Band Members:

Vocals, Guitar:  Taus

Bass: Xeper

Keyboards: Elvira Alchemida

Drums: KonstantinDruminsane


Country of Origin: Russia



 Omyt (2006)

 Second Birth (2006)

 XIII Apostol (2010)

1. Tonight we are speaking with Taus of the Russian band Sinful. Taus thanks for your time. Sinful has actually been around in various forms since 1999. Take us back to the beginning. What was the original plan for Sinful back in 1999?


Hails! First of all, I’d like to thank you for showing interest in the band. As for the question, the original plan was to play live.  We couldn’t wish for more on those days.




2. Like so many bands, Sinful has under gone many line up changes. When did you become the vocalist as well as the guitarist?


 I’m one of the founders of the band and I have been playing guitar there since the very beginning. In fall 2005, the ex-vocalist suddenly left us and Icould do nothing but replace him.  When I first started to sing and play at the same time, it was not so easy, but now I even can’t imagine myself being just a guitarist in the band. 




3. The music of Sinful can best be described as Black Metal. What led you to the Black Metal path?


First and foremost, black metal represents our ideas best; it’s also a mirror of the inner world. For another thing, blackmetal is one of my favorite kinds of music.




4. In 2006 we see the first release from Sinful "Omut", and the second "The Second Birth" then no further releases until "TheXIII-th Apostle" in 2010. Tell me about the writing of these first two releases and what was going on in the band at that time.


We started like a band with two composers, but later this number boiled down to one person. If the ex-keyboardist Olga composed almost all the music for the debut ‘Omut’, then after her leaving I became the main composer.

The big breaks between the releases are basically regarded to inconstancy of the line-up, and active concert and gig organizational activity in the Russian movement “Metal Spirit Resurrection”.




5. At this time, who is currently in the band, and what can fans expect from the newest album "The XIII-th Apostle"?


 Current line-up of Sinful looks like this:

Taus – guitars/vocals

Elvira Alchemida – keys. She’s also aguitar player in all female metal band Blackthorn.

Xeper – bass. He’s a frontman of technical death metal group FatalBand.

Konstantin Druminsane – drums. Besides Sinful, he drums in black metal band Todestriebe.


Musically,"The XIII-th Apostle"is a mix between symphonic-black metal and Polish school death metal. Its climate and atmosphere will sink you in the cold ambience of a bottomless abyss and then will take you high to thetop of puissance and triumph!




6. With 2011 just days away, what are the plans for the upcoming year, will there be a tour?


We plan to shoot a video for one of the songs from "TheXIII-th Apostle". Regards the tour, it’s at a negotiation stage yet.




7. Have Sinful had the chance to play outside of your home country of Russia, and are there any plans to doso?


We played in Belarus and Ukraine. In winter 2002, Sinful was a support band for Behemoth in Belarusian city Brest, we also played at Metal Crowd (It’s located inRechitsa, Belarus) and at Metal Heads Mission open-air festival in Ukraine in summer 2005. Last August we participated in MHM festival once more. Sinful also went on a few Ukrainian tours: “Misanthropic Invasion Ukrainian Tour” (2006), “Metal Spirit Resurrection Tourvol.5” (2007) and “Carpathian Donbass Operation Ukrainian Tour”(2010).




8. Over the years, what has been your biggest challenge with Sinful?


During our trip to Orel in fall 2007, I noticed that Ileft home the device we use to provide live keys.

The news was really bad since the line-up consisted ofonly three members and there was no keyboard player at all. What ascore that our studio sound engineer had time to upload the tracks we needed to the internet. Despite this problem, our collective efforts were successful! It was one unforgettable show!




9. What keeps you dedicated to Sinful, and where would youlike to see the band by this time next year?


Unlike people, music will never betray you. It’s like aprivy councilor or a spiritual advisor; whatever happens, it’s always with you. I would like to see Sinful as a more infernal creature, breaking bones of outdated human stereotypes and tottering dogmas.  




10. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts orcomments?


Never stop moving! A man is able to do much more than hecan imagine!


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