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Review and Interview 2010:

Sirannon was found in Izmir,in June of 2005,by Thuringwethil. They began working a short time later but, unfortunately, all the work was delayed by line-up problems. In October 2007, a demo (titled Annon Morin) consisting of 4 tracks and an intro was recorded but again changing of line-up led to the decision of cancelling its release. Shortly afterwards Sirannon began recording their debut album “Semper Caliga” with Leinth on vocals, Haec on guitars, Lygbereth on bass and Thuringwethil on drums.The album consists of an intro, an outro and 11 tracks. As of now, the band is seeking for a label.

Releases: 2009 - Semper Caliga

2007 - Annon Morin - Demo

Band Members: Thuringwethil (Drums), Haec (Guitars), Lygbereth (Bass), and Leinth (Vocals)

Origin Country: Turkey

1. Tonight we are talking with the Black Metal band Sirannon from Izmir Turkey. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Like most bands Sirannon has under gone a couple of line up changes. Please introduce the current members of the band.

Sirannon experienced band member exchange many times since the band found.After a long time,we have the ideal band members now.Our currently band consist Leinth (vocals) , Haec (guitars) , Lygbereth (bass guitar) and Thuringwethil (drums).

2. Sirannon is the first band we have interviewed from Turkey. How is the Metal scene in your country?

Metal is still in the development degree. Of late years,there is increment of the bands which represent our country in other countries' fests but there are many things required pass over. Not only the bands, Turkish listeners and organizers should develop too. Also,there is no enough investment to the bands. In Turkish metal music public,people are lucky who has money in their pocket or has company in general. But we think that there will be more investment when supply and demand increase. Working doesn't come to an end after only recording album and publish it. The bands should be headed by people who know national and international presentation, visualization and sound, that's a big lack.

3. Are you receiving good support from fans?

The support we get from our fans is nice. Especially we also get support from the fans who are abroad. We thank them a lot. We will rise together and achieve many things sure.

4.The album "Semper Caliga" is complete. Tell us what our readers can expect from your music.

13 songs what consisted of symphonic infrastructure intro, outre and 1 interlude, sometimes raw sometimes old school interactive, each one is different inside but whole in general are waiting for the listeners. If we tell it in terms of psychology,actually our songs are about the people ply and listen this music how contentious and have virtual soul.. Namely, with similitude's of course. We are processing a story that we never bow down when we are struggling against hardness of life, sacrocants which dished up for centuries and untreated subjects. As most philosophy underlying of metal.

5. I understand you are looking for a record label currently. What is the next big goal for Sirannon?

The first aim is introducing our music to more mass after we find a suitable label.

6. Have you had a chance to play any live shows and are you planning any shows outside of Turkey?

We give concert for 3 times in our country till now. We want concerts abroad too, why not if we get suitable proposals.

7. What is the driving force behind the music of Sirannon?

Even if we live in other cities, we are interdependent friends, we have a nice synergy based on this. We have inner power what covet-able but hard to reach. Thus the one of us completes the thing that the others done and when we learn something new, we try to reflect it to our music. So, that's an enough driving force to us.

8. Does the band write as a whole or is there one person who does most of the writing?

Lyrics are composed by Thuringwethil but songs are common.

9. Out of all the Metal styles what made you want to play Black Metal?

The most suitable way we transfer the accumulated things inside is Black Metal in definite. Because Black Metal has a warrior soul that can process the uncommon subjects freely (even insoluble); rebels without fear against the mortal people who think their self as a creator and persuade the other mortal people, and to all the taboos and forbidden things. I think we have this soul enough inside us.

10. What is most important to you about playing and writing this type of music?

Black Metal is a style in extreme. We divulge all our soul when we pour the things our inside out to the notes. The most important thing is the reflecting the soul ideally when we ply this style.

11. I have asked this question to a few other Metal bands, the answers vary, but it's always interesting. What do your parents think about you being in a Black Metal band?

They should know the Black Metal's content and structure exactly. Also to be honest, our caring about this work and spending money for this worry them partially. But as a result, they don't spare their support because they are respectful to our decisions. What would our difference if we try to do the thing what everyone does ?

12. In closing I must say i am very impressed with what I have heard from Sirannon, I wish you all the best. Please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

Thanks for interested in us. Stay in touch.


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