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Review and Interview 2008

The five musicians from Dortmund, Germany, show what contemporary Power Metal should be like: fast, melodic, traditional but fresh and with lots of new ideas. Front man Robert Leger sings in a very variable pitch. His performance on the previously released Demo-CD reminded both fans and critics of Hansi Kürsch. Loud and energetic when suitable, never too high. The guitars deliver speed and power with typical 16th-note rhythms and harmonised dual-lead phrases leaving no reason to want for a keyboard. The drums sound very agile and progressive and build a modern fundamental in combination with the fierce bass waves. But most of all SOLAR FRAGMENT focus on songs and composition. The material on A Spark Of Deity is catchy and diversified yet providing the hardness that every metal fan wants. The melodies give each song a unique feel that will arrest the listeners' attention.

Band Members: Robert Leger (Vocals), Manuel Wiegmann (Guitars), Marc Peters (Guitars), Dominic Serwe (Bass), and Sascha Schiller ( Drums)

Origin Country: Germany

2007 - A Spark of Deity

2005 - Demo

1. Solar Fragment was founded in 2004, Now 4 years later the band is getting some great reviews and well deserved attention. Is this where you saw the band being 4 years ago?

To be honest, we are surprised of how everything turned out in such a “short” period. Solar Fragment started as a 3-piece and it took almost 6 month to get everybody in the band. Song-writing started, the first live shows where booked… and 4 years later we are standing there holding our first album “a spark of deity” high in the air. So it’s good to look back and see where we are now.

2. The debut album "A Spark of Deity" is out and doing well. What is it that really sets this album apart from other recent power metal releases?

“A Spark of Deity” couldn’t be more powerful for a debut album. We put a lot of energy and power in the production of this piece and now, although our recordings are quite long ago, we still feel the power when listening to it. I guess this is the magic behind it, “A Spark of Deity” is not over-produced with thousands of keyboard tracks, no battle choirs, it’s just straight in your head!

3. Is there any one particular song on the album you feel best captures the Solar Fragment sound?

Hard to say as each song has a meaning for us, for example To Thy Crown or The Assassin as the first songs we ever did. One of our all-time favourites is “Take me Higher”, since with the lead guitars it’s one of the most melodic songs of “A Spark Of Deity”. Another one should be “Man Of Faith” as one of the most powerful songs of the Album.

4. What is the next big goal for the band?

Writing new songs, playing a LOT of gigs and maybe getting another support slot for a bigger act, like we did in spain for Beyond Fear and Vicious Rumors. And as the biggest goal: Recording a new CD.

5. When composing such great works as "A Spark of Deity" is there a concept or idea before the writing begins or is it a natural progression?

Normally our songs are being composed together in our rehearsal room. We are collecting ideas and put those together to a brand new song. Robert, our singer, takes care of the lyrics, and his ideas are mostly based on “concepts”. As an example, “Man Of Faith” is based on a character of the TV Show “LOST”, or “Take me Higher” on the greek tale of Ikarus and Daedalus. So it’s more a natural progression than a real concept.

6. What can fans expect from a live Solar Fragment show?

Energy! POWER! Action! and some pretty good Power Metal Songs.

7. What is it about Power metal that appeals to you most?

Power Metal is not as popular as other kinds of Metal, thinking of Death/Thrash/Core or whatever. We all like melodic stuff, and we all like clean vocals. Combined with a powerful drumming, power metal is the best way to reconcile all of those criterias!

8. Do members of the band play in any other bands or projects?

Manuel and Marc have played in a Progressive Rock Band called Salome’s Dance but as we all are working, it’s hard to concentrate on more than one band. Our drummer Sascha is helping out in some bands as an interim drummer.

9. What does this band mean to you?

I guess we all are very proud of what has happened during the last 4 years. Beneath some really good metal songs we became a unit and we are heading for the next album. That’s great and we love it!

10. Where can fans get Solar Fragment merchandise?

You can order “A Spark Of Deity” and some merchandise stuff on our Webpage We are currently ordering new shirts so keep an eye on the shop section of our page. You can also contact us via myspace on




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