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Band Members: Vykki (vocals), Chris (guitar), Mark (bass), Matt (drums)

Origin Country: UK

Volatile Territory EP - 2009

1. We are talking tonight with the exciting and innovative band SolSikk. Let's begin with a introduction of the band. Where are you from and who are the members?

Well we have myself Vykki Turner on Vocals, Chris Webb on Guitars, Mark Mulcaster on Bass, and Matt C on Drums. We are based from London and the southeast of England (Answered by Vykki)

2. When and?how did the band form?

The full band line up was formed late 2007. Vykki and I started Solsikk early 2007. We wanted to create a band that combined heavy rock and metal, with Vykki's diverse vocal style and influences, to create something that was new and different. We then drafted in Matt C. on drums, who played in my previous band, and then got Mark Mulcaster in on bass. We then jammed the songs and re-worked everything as a band, and the songs evolved into what they are now. We wanted to create music that was heavy, but retained a groove and was catchy, while fusing it with melodic but different vocals that would create a new sound. (Answered by Chris)

3. The band is receiving really good reviews and seems to be on track for a bright future. What is the feeling among the band right now?

We are all very excited and really enjoying the journey together. We all have a great relationship and rapport with each other, and are very much looking forward to the future. (Answered by Vykki)

4. You have finalized your debut E.P. "Volatile Territory". Tell us about the recording process.

We did all of the recordings ourselves, which was awesome as we had complete control over the whole process, and didn't have anyone holding us back with things we wanted to do. Especially with the vocals as Vykki knew exactly what she wanted to do, and had complete control and creativity over her vocal arrangements. We all had a say in how the record was produced, so we are all really happy with the end result.? (Answered by Chris)

5. Solsikk have confirmed some big news. You will be playing live at the upcoming Bloodstock festival on August 15th. I assume the band is very excited.

Completely over the moon, it came out of the blue for us, and we can not wait to get up there and show what we have got. (Answered by Vykki)

6. Speaking of live shows, what can our readers expect when they come out to see you?

Pure Energy!!!! We thrive on playing live, and musically we gel together so well. I think we sound more raw and heavy live, as vocally Vykki does not use the effects on her vocals from the e.p such as distortion, she likes to keep her abilities as a surprise for live audiences, it keeps you still guessing :), and we all love to tear your face off. (Answered By Chris)

7. As for the music of Solsikk, it ranges greatly in style and approach. Very layered sounds, that leave the listener wondering what they will hear next. I find it unpredictable and exciting. Was this the original intent of the sound?

Absolutely. All four of us have different influences, and we love putting them together, and creating the music we create. We don't want to be restrained boundaries and love blending styles and genres, and collectively our inspirations run right through from Rock, Metal, Blues, Soul,?R&B,?Pop,?etc.?That?is?what?makes?us,?us! (Answered by Chris)

8. So the E.P. is done, Bloodstock is coming up, what is the next big goal for Solsikk?

To conquer the world!!! hahahahhahaha :) (Answered by Vykki)

9. Music is a powerful tool. What do you hope listeners get from your music?

The main thing I'd like people to get from our music is energy and emotion. I think every musician wants to affect people with their music. And that's what we want. I just want people to put our CD on and be like...... Hell Yeah! (Answered by Chris) And without giving to much away about the issues of some of my lyrics, but to just reassure people out there that you can go through some horrendous shit and still come out the other end and turn it into a positive experience.....and the Hell Yeah thing as Chris said :) (Answered by Vykki)

10. In closing, please leave us with any final thought or comments, and tell our readers where they can get their Solsikk merchandise.

For anyone that's already checked us out, many thanks for your support! And for those who haven't, head to to check out our music. You can download our E.P. from iTunes, Amazon plus many more. Our CD will be available from our Myspace page within the next couple of weeks. And in the not to distant future some other Merch such as T-Shirts and wrist bands etc. And lastly many thanks for the interview, and thanks to everyone who reads it, SEE YOU OUT THERE!!!!


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