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Country Origin: USA ***

De Oppresso Liber - 2008 (CD artwork by: Drogoth)

Live in Mexico DVD - 2007

Sothis Demo - 2005

1. Lets begin with a quick introduction of the band. Sothis consists of 5 members in its current incarnation.

Drogoth (vocals), Asperia (keys), Dross(drums), Scathe(lead/rhythm guitars) and myself Nylock (lead/rhythm guitars)

2. Sothis hails from Los Angeles CA . How is the metal scene there these days?

I feel it is very strong and solid. The fans are die-hard and most of the bands back each other up and support one another .Not only by showing up and pitting at each others gigs, but by live support and promotion too. We all have giant after-parties after shows, and everyone knows everyone. We drink together, we fight together, and go to shows in hoards. Honestly, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I feel that LA is IT .

3. In 2005 the 4 song demo was released, followed by the live official bootleg DVD in 06, and now Live in Mexico DVD in 07. What are the plans for future releases?

Well, we just released a production video for "Sinister Nation" online. We have not yet decided how it will be officially released or in what capacity, but It will be soon. In addition, we are currently recording our full length album. I do not want to release too many details too early but I will say that a full length release, a bonus release, and a tour ARE on the way and in the works.

4. For new listeners , Sothis is a Black Metal band. The genre carries a very serious reputation on the international scale. What has been the reaction to Sothis here in the States?

Generally it has been very positive. We seem to impress quite a few people and many compliment our musicianship and song writing. We have had a very good response to our live performances as well. We always hang out with people after the shows especially on the road. I remember the first show on the tour. People were asking us to sign shit and take pictures left and right. We were amazed. I mean we defiantly don't consider ourselves to be Rock stars, so it was nice to have the appreciation of the crowd. And so far that has continued. So with all of those things combined I would defiantly say that there is an obvious level of positive response. Like everything there are positives and negatives. Some people have an elitist mentality. You know, like only they are cool enough to be into black metal and everyone else around them needs to have their "kvult or troo" stamp of "grimness" approved by them alone. Because they are the grimmest, they are "Kvlt". I think that is lame -as- fuck. Anyone who thinks that "Being Metal" is like a fucking Mickey Mouse Club needs to shut up and go back to the kid's table until their balls drop. I hear the stupidest shit from some idiots about what's grim, necro, troo or kvult, etc. I just want to tell them, "Shut the fuck up! Who the fuck are you asshole? You live In America, you're from Chicago , and you still live at your Mom's house, you know, dick. HAHAHAHAH

5. Do you feel Black Metal has changed or grown in recent years, if so, how?

Well I think it's obviously done both. Not only has it continued in its inevitable mitosis and split further and further into "sub genres", but Black Metal as a whole is spreading. More people are getting into it and discovering it for the first time. More people are finding themselves fans of sub genres that did not exist only a few years ago. I think that the growth and expansion are very cool and a good thing. People should be entitled to the pleasures of their choosing in life. Another thing that has occurred is the splintering to factions along the "Sub Genre" lines. In some ways I feel this is good and in some ways I feel this is bad. I like the fact that this process literally births new sounds and new genres. It inspires other musicians to craft their own brand and end up showing the world something, but at the same time you'll hear someone proclaim something stupid and start friction between the factions and agitate things. I feel it should be a united front. (At least in America )

6. Are there plans to or have you played any European shows?

We have never played in Europe , and we don't currently have plans to do so. However, I can say that it is on our list of things to do. We would love to play in Europe , however it simply just is not time yet. There are a number of issues we must attend to first.

7. You are the guitarist for Sothis. What equipment are you using to create your sound?

That is some seriously TOP SECRET shit man! There is no way I'm giving that up dude. Honestly though, I can't imagine who would give a shit about trying to capture "The Nylock Sound" haha! So I'll be very vague about it ESP EMG VHT A Pair of Balls & RAW HATRED

8. Tell us how you first became involved in the world of metal?

Well I was always a musician, since the age of 3. Classical music was my first favorite. I tried getting into what the other kids liked growing up, but it was just mindless shit, man. Not for me. I got my first electric guitar when I was nine. Shortly after I was at the store and I saw the cover of Iron Maiden 's "Powerslave". I was like "Holy fuck! That looks rad! I had my first Iron Maiden album at nine and a half. By ten I had “Ride the Lightning”, “Master of Puppets” and “So far, so good…so what”. And it was all over. I was a metal head for life.

9. Who do you consider to be your personal biggest influences?

Well, for starters, my angst ridden troubled youth! hahaha! But If you mean musically, it has always great musicianship. Mozart, Bach, Marty Freidman , Alex Skolnick, Andy LaRouque, etc. I have always loved good guitar work and looked for it.

10. What is the biggest goal for Sothis at this time?

Getting the album out there and touring to support it. That is the absolute focus at this time.

11. What does being in this band mean to you?

Absolutely everything. It is my life and my family. And I do not tolerate anything that gets in my way of it. It's almost symbiotic to my existence. Its the first thing I think about when I wake and the last thing I think about before I sleep. This is my way to create the music that I have always wanted to. And the fact that I can do it with like minded individuals is beyond price.

12. What is one thing fans should know about Sothis?

That SOTHIS will never forget that without fans, we are nothing.

13. And now for our big closing question. With the world media focusing so intently on tragic events, do you feel all this negative attention draws listeners closer to dark music, or pushes them toward more light hearted genres?

No. And here's why. Bad news sells, it's a fact. The more the media hypes the tragedy, the more they profit from it and sell ad space. Then, the companies use that ad space to tell the consumers how they should feel about it and what they should buy, or do, or listen to. Some may buy into it and most do. No longer do they demand and the market supply, but they allow the market to tell them what they demand. It's called "Popular Culture". MTV, Paris Hilton , trendy hair, listening to Britney Spears or Fallout Boy etc. Most morons do what the media tells them to do so that they don't feel left out and disconnected to the flock of the masses. Anyone who includes the mass media into their decision making process for anything, should seriously re-evaluate their life. Honestly, I believe that people ultimately identify with emotional stimulation of music. I think that people seek emotional comfort and acceptance with their music. What that is and what it entails and the preference choices that one makes have a wide variety of variables. Some people like to hear a sad song when they are sad to know that they are not alone. There is a song and a story that identifies with their situation and the thought is comforting. Others prefer a happy song when sad, or an angry song, etc. And even that will change from circumstance to circumstance and mood to mood and day to day and so forth and so on.


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