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Theatres des Vampires

Interview w/ Sonya Scarlet

Band Members

Vocals: Sonya Scarlet

Keyboards: Fabian Varesi

Drums: Gabriel Valerio

Bass: Zimon Lijoi

Guitars: Stephan Benfante


Country or Origin: Italy


Vampyrìsme, Nècrophilie, Nècrosadisme, Nècrophagie (1996)

 The Vampire Chronicles (1999)

 Bloody Lunatic Asylum (2001)

 Iubilaeum Anno Dracula (2001)

 Suicide Vampire (2002)

 Nightbreed of Macabria (2004)

 Pleasure and Pain (2005)

 The Addiction Tour DVD (2006)

Desire of Damnation (2007)

 Anima Noir (2008)

 Moonlight Waltz (2011)


Tonight we are delving into the abyss with a special interview with Italy's masters of Vampiric Gothic Metal the one any only Theatres des Vampires. Hello Sonya and thanks for speaking with us. For now the big news for the band is the release of the new album "Moonlight Waltz". What can listeners expect from the new album?
Our new album has a strong sound with a dark and intense atmosphere it took a long time to be realized, we decided to take our time without any pressure staying in Temple of Noise studios 24 hours a day checking everything all the time, bringing something new every day because we consider Moonlight Waltz one of the most important albums of our career.
We never start an album with a precise line to be followed....we just let our emotions and life experiences come out and we talk together about the different ideas and developments.
About the last album I dedicated some of the lyrics to the magical feminine seductiveness. Carmilla, Black Madonna, Medousa, three strong woman with a charming, and seductive power that drives the men out of the way . They are beautiful, sorceresses with a great sorrow in their hearts .
Black Madonna talks about Mary Magdalene, the sinner and the saint, the Holy grail and the harlot, the queen of mystery, the salome’…
Moonlight Waltz is dedicated to Christina Rosetti , a talented English poet that I love deeply. My words and her poetry “Is the Moon tired ?“ walk together to create an inn to the moon, my pale lover.
2. Will there be a tour to accompany the new music?
We're planning our up coming tour during these days, several gigs are  published on our web site and others are coming soon, we'll go around Europe, Russia and after summertime to South America again. we're also planning some festivals. all the news will be available in the next days.
3. The video for the song "Carmilla" has been released and is directed by David Bracci of Dario Argento fame. The video is very captivating, tell us about the making of the video.
David Bracci absolutely loves the old horror movies and he goes crazy for the special effects where he’s an undisputed maestro. He’s got a big culture about Horror movies and a long experience on different and important movie sets that it’s perfectly understandable the feeling that binds us for a long time.
Carmilla is our best video of all. We had a good staff that followed us in this project giving us their best.
I fell in love with the Carmilla novel years ago. The character of Carmilla is charming, powerful, mysterious and seductive at the same time.
The Video tells a part of her story taken from the novel by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and our film director, David Bracci gave his interpretation of it with the help of the talented actor Abraam Fontana who also made "The Passion" directed by Mel Gibson ..and the result is really..Theatres des Vampires. ..We filmed the new video in two different castles in the woods around Ceccano, an old small city not so far from Rome. These castles are really wonderful. One of them is completely abandoned and overgrown.. This is a magical and obscure place.
4. Theatres des Vampires like most bands have been through many line up changes over the years. To the extent that the two founding members are not in the band at all. Is it hard to maintain the ideas behind the band with so many new and different members over time?
No, it's not because Fabian, that was with them since the beginnig, is the main composer of the band  and Zimon and Gabriel came in TDV just one year later..all the artistic rights of tdv were always signed by Fabian the sound has changed but not the people. Someone is gone and someone came , that's the life. but it's really a long time that we all have played together . We've got a strong line up right now, it's some years that we have the new guitar player Stephan and we had a great feeling with him. He's a part of our family.
5. How would you compare the new album to past works?
I don't like to compare our albums cause each of them is part of a period of our life and I love them all .
I believe in human evolution and in life experiences, we can never be the same person of 10 years ago cause we spent all these years living our life in the best way , travelling around the world , reading books, feeling joys and pains…and inside our music you will always find our souls and our lifes…our music is our attitude, we are what we play.. so you will always listen to new and different things through our music but the black oath still burns inside it… we are more aware of what we are, what we want and how we do it and it doesn’t  mean to have a more aggressive sound . We were very attentive to the arrangement of the orchestration and the sound of individual instruments. Growth, we want certainly going deep every moment and every single note of our songs and to fully develop each theme without losing our natural attitude to create gothic atmospheres and our sound. Moonlight Waltz is the last step of a "new discussion" started with pleasure and pain in 2004, it's the natural evolution of this attitude and , in my opinion, it's our best work.
6. Theatres des Vampires have developed a some what infamous reputation for live shows. Have you had any experiences from the crowd that you would consider going too far?
I don't think we have a really bad reputation..well..maybe! We love to play our music on stage and we need to give our fans all the best everytime..and this includes to do everything that comes to mind. I don't want to plan anything , I just need to express myself and I don't know what i'm going to do tomorrow to create a relationship between me and our fans, everything could be possible and , as the opposite, our fans are able to do everything! We had people that had sex under the stage during our gig or people that did some vampiric stuff with blood and so on..what can I say? the music drives our mind far away..we're the soundtrack of your worst nightmare and there's no limit to human fantasy..believe me!..just come to see us live.
7. In the last 3 years or so main stream media has become saturated with vampire movies, books, television shows and so on. Does this or has this affected the band at all in either a good or bad way?
Theatres des vampires are on the stage since 1994 so we are not invested or interested in the new vampiric movements. I know there's a kind of delirium in these years for the "vampires", it's strange to be for the main part of the life someone that is at the borderline of this society to become right now as the coolest thing in the world...well..i prefer the borderline than becoming an idol for the fashion victims...and be careful..cause i really bite!

8. It seems to me that Theatres des Vampires has always had a strong desire to truly bring the dark vampiric world to life. Is there a point where you draw the line, and is there anything within the live show that is taboo?
I believe there's a private world that must be keep locked. what we do on stage is to perform our music cause music is the most important thing for us. Our attitude, our desires, our secrets are part of our hidden side and we don't need to show everything to our fans. All my sensation, all my visions are written in my lyrics but what i do is a part of my private world. and our fans are so smart that never ask us details about it...they just have an idea..
9. One last look at the new album. I understand there are some very special guest appearances. Who is featured on the new album?
We had great guests on Moolight waltz. Some of them, including some members of the orchestra and maestro Bellanova, are close friends of us and it was great to live this experience together. About the other guests We greatly appreciate their music and we really like it. We also love their attitude and their way to interpret their music so we thought it might be a good cooperation having them as guest stars in our songs leaving them free to interpret our music with their particular style. Snowy Shaw (Therion) is a great artist with an excellent musical intuition and a great executor at the same time. He really put his soul in what he does and he's a real professional with a strong, special and amazing personality. I personally love all his music projects. He sang in the central part of the first song on the album: Keeper of Secret. Luca Bellanova did the most of the male backing vocals and he’s really have a deep amazing voice. In Le grand Guignol I alternate my voice to Cadaveria scream and clean voice and about Eva (Laibach) she sang a part in Medousa. Same words for Marco( Foreshadowing), he's got an amazing voice and he sang with me in Black Madonna.I really enjoyed working with them.

10. In closing, please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments and thank you for your time.
Thanks to Nocturnal Euphony for your bloody support and thanks to our fans and to your readers for the attention.
We are here because of  you, fansclubs , web zines, magazines..your support lets us grow day by day and helps us to bring our music all over the world! wait for us!
bloody kisses
Sonya Scarlet


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