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Review and Interview 2008(band members updated 2010)

With the debut called “Grotesque Autumnal Weepings” recorded in 1997, a dark melancholic death wish was released upon the world. The unique mix of melody, melancholy, aggression and beautiful acoustic parts composed by Mastermind Wolfgang Rothbauer, established Thirdmoon as a leading act in Austrian metal. With a new French member, Thirdmoon signed 1999 to napalm records and entered the studio in 1999 for the second album “Aquis Submersus” which showed the band from a slower and darker edge with more groove and more variety of vocal and guitar arrangements. After lots of concerts, Thirdmoon entered the studio in 2000, to release the third album “Bloodforsaken”. With more aggression, brutality, melody and melancholy, Thirdmoon was clearly drawn towards melodic death metal. The tour with the german act "Eisregen" followed and Thirdmoon showed a high-energy performance that impressed the audience and press. 2001 Thirdmoon and "Napalm records" stopped their cooperation. Unfortunately it took three years before recording “Sworn Enemy: Heaven”. The record turned out to be filled with more groove and straight-in-your-face brutal than the earlier albums - but still with the embracing of catchy melodic themes and beautiful – emotional acoustic parts that represents Thirdmoon. In January 05,with a new strong lineup, Thirdmoon hooked up with Grave (Sweden) and Disparaged (Switzerland) for the “Fiendish Regression Tour”. And prove again that their shows stay a great experience for all metal maniacs. Now, after playing on summer festivals Thirdmoon returned to work for new intense stuff for you!

Band Members: Wolfgang (Vocals and Guitar), Matias (Guitar), Dominik (Guitar), Eva (Bass), Alex (Guitar), Johannes (Drums), Philipp (Bass)

Origin Country: Austria ******

Label: Maintain Records

1. So you are the founder of Thirdmoon. The band started back in 1994, over a decade later the band is still going strong and making great music. What has held it together all this time?

First, i would like to say thank you for this interview! Well, i think its the passion for the different experiences of Thirdmoon, that keeps the flame alive. To embrace the emotional theme, to combine lyrics and music, together as one, has always been very important for us! So, personal, Thirdmoon has always been important for me. On the other hand, there were plenty of situations, on which i thought, I better should bury the band, because of line up problems nearly every new year...

2. Thirdmoon has created 5 albums, "Dimorphic Cynosure" is the newest. What would you say are the biggest differences between the new record and the other 4?

I think Dimorphic Cynosure is a mixture of all the previous Thirdmoon albums. We tried again to enlarge the emotional aspect! We decided to take a long time friend as 3rd guitar player into the band. I think it is better for the live-atmosphere, because of the double-lined melodic-lines, and the changings to the accoustic parts during the songs. Back to your question... the biggest differences, in my opinion, are the vocals/lyrics, so the general atmosphere of the songs. And beside this fact, we put more accoustic parts onto the whole album.

3, Thirdmoon hail from Austria, over the years have you built a strong fanbase, and how have the responses been across Europe?

For sure, we have built a really strong fanbase in europe, but unfortunately, until so far, we didnt have the chance to play in asia or the states. i hope it will be soon...

4. In addition to Thirdmoon you are involved in other musical projects, tell us a bit about those.

Thats true, i am the founder and main-songwriter of "In Slumber", "GodHateCode" and "My Arcane 7" as well. "In Slumber" (founded in winter 2002), in the beginning it was also in the stile of Thirdmoon but more direct and aggressive, nowadays more succsessful than Thirdmoon. I think, its because of the more modern and straight guitar riffs and melodies, in the vein of metalcore and melodic Deathmetal combined. The main topic is about self-injuring, borderline syndrome and morality! Whatever, i compose the whole music, but on stage, i am just the singer, for a more energetic live-performance. In the year 2005, i began to compose for a real melancholic project called "My Arcane 7". mostly with accoustic guitars and deep clean voice. The songs will be released in 2009 but before this, i have to concentrate on my bands with contract. 2007, i started "GodHateCode". The stile is more Grindcore/Deathmetal orientated. Its just to release the aggression in an real extreme way! The lyrical theme is about a serial-murderer captured in a hypnagogic state! I didnt want to do the vocals in this group because it would not have been that brutal enough. So i decided to ask a long time friend to do the brutal vocals... The actual line-up includes musicians from Sweden, Spain, Italy and Austria. more coming soon... Beside my own groups, I play guitar in an austrian band called "Olemus" and a german band called "Eisblut" featuring musicians from the well-known "Eisregen"

5. You obviously have a tremendous drive and passion for music, what is it about metal that first drew you to it, and what has created your love of it?

I am more introverted than the other direction. It was in the age of 12/13 years, when i listened to death-metal the first time. and i was totally blown away by the possibilities how to express feelings through music. So,? i tried to tind my personal way to express myself in there! and it worked! I need to compose music, to arrange feelings, to combine melancholy with aggression....

6. With so many musical projects under your belt, do you find time to do any producing or work with other Austrian bands?

For sure, i try to support and provide help for younger bands, if i know them and if they ask. Sometimes i play guitar for other bands where friends are involved! but sometimes its really hard to do that, i finaly need more free-time!

7. Is there something you would like to incorporate into Thirdmoon's sound that you have not yet tried?

I dont know! I will see, but until so far our music-stile is tightened.

8. What is the next big goal for Thirdmoon?

Our next big goal should be a bigger european tour, and a new album next year! and U.S. would be the biggest goal for Thirdmoon! For me, thats sure, because my brother lives in texas with his family, would a be cool possibility to visit him as well!

9. Have there been any plans to play in the U.S. or Asia?

We had plenty of plans to play in the states or asia, but in the end, everything broke to pieces. One day it will be! haha

10. Where can listeners get Thirdmoon merchandise?

Until so far, listeners should write a message via and we send the pics of the merchandise to them via email! really old-school like! haha but we are working for a merchandise home page as well! So, thanks again for this interview if there are questions concerning to the interview, dont hesitate to contact me again!




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