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Interview w/ Steffen Kummerer

Band Members:

Steffen Kummerer - vocals/guitars
Sebastian Ludwig - guitars
Tobias Ludwig - bass
Seraph - drums

Country of Origin: Germany

Fallen Angel's Dominion (2010)

Under a Frozen Sun (2011)

1.        Tonight we are speaking to Steffen Kummerer a founding member and vocalist and guitarist of the Melodic Death Metal band Thulcandra. Steffen thanks for talking with us tonight. Thulcandra started in 2003, leading up to the release of the first album the band suffered some tragedy. You managed to push forward and continued writing. What was it that made you stay the course?

Basically the bands was founded by Juergen Zintz any myself in 2003 and we created most of the music together, recorded our first and only demo 'Perishness Around Us' the year after and where supporting the old school black death metal from Sweden. Bands such as Unanimated, Dissection, Eucharist & Sacramentum where huge influences for our sound. In early 2005 Juergen commited suicide and the band was hold on ice since then. Thulcandra was back then a side project as Juergen was a part of Obscura as well and Jonas Baumgartl joined the band on session drums. From that year on I was focusing completely on Obscura and pushed the band as much as possible. Just later 2008 Sebastian & Tobias Ludwig joined Thulcandra as they had and have the same influences of black metal bands and we wanted to create something new together.
2.        Tell us about how the band moved forward after the addition of Tobias and Sebastian Ludwig and Seraph from Dark Fortress.

With Tobias & Sebastian Ludwig two new members joined the fold I worked with before and helped their former band as a step in guitarist for a few shows. We know each other since many years and meet pretty often. We have the same musical vision and work together very productive. Just recently also Seraph of Dark Fortress joined Thulcandra as a full time member, so the lineup is complete by now.
3.        2010 saw the release of the album "Fallen Angels Dominion" tell us what it meant to you to finally have the album completed and released.

The debut album consists mainly old ideas and is based on the early demo material we wrote since the beginning of the band. When the twins joined Thulcandra most of the material was already written and together we just rearranged a few ideas and put a few remaining songs together. When the album came out I was more than glad to have it finished. If there is something you start, even if it was just a rough idea, you have to bring it to an end. I can not stand people who make promises or plans and don't realize them or bring them o life in general. I am glad we got the opportunity to release the album through a professional label and found with Napalm Records a partner who properly put the album into stores and promoted it.
4.        What is it about this album you are most proud of?

The overall album is as it should have been. The performance is good, the production natural, a bit rough but clean, the artwork is fantastic and one of Necrolords work up to date and the whole packaging is nice.
5.        With no time wasted 2011 saw the release of "Under a Frozen Sun". How did the writing and recording of this album play out?

After working off the whole remaining material we collected during the years with releasing our debut album it was time to work together with our new lineup and write something out of an band effort. Thulcandra is not a solo project or something similar, we are a democratic band with now four members with the same vision. The work for the real new album was a great experience, while Sebastian Ludwig took care about most of the lyrics, I was able to focus more on the lead work and worked together with Seraph on the arrangements. The songs where a step forward and the addition of more guitar layers went completely overboard. It is a nice trip back to the early 90ies if you are listening the whole album in a row, The production was once again helt by Victor Bullok and myself in the Woodshed Studio, Germany. We wanted to bring a bit more into the guitarsound and use a few different amps and settings to reach a dirty but massive result. I am very glad with the final mix and master.
6.        Will there be a new album for 2012?

No, there will be no new album this year. We are working on new ideas anyway and see hw it will turn out. Maybe in the end of 2012 we are able to go back to the studio and record an new full length. We are planing a massive tour this year and if this will take shape we will release our demos as mentioned some time ago alongside this tour. Also a few festivals may happen and here and there a video will get through the channels.
7.        You are staying busy with two bands. How do you balance the two?

Obscura is definitely the main project I am involved with. This is a band with 100+ shows each year and world wide touring. Thulcandra is the opposite – we just play a few festivals and single shows as well as here and there a tour we want to play. We love the music, we love to play but we don't have to. Both of the bands are necessary to keep your musical productivity in balance. Where Obscura is extremely demanding and we create something new, something unique, Thulcandra is a tribute to the early 90ies with a clear basis how it should sound like.
8.        You have managed to play a key part in creating two very powerful and well respected bands. Is there any other style of music or Metal that you have thought of trying your hand at?

There are many ideas left, many projects and bands to come that have a different style than extreme metal. My video and movies are going to be published within the next year and I will write the soundtrack for all of them, so this will be something completely different than you know from me so far.
9.        What does it mean to you to be able to create music on your own terms?

Express yourself and enjoy the time you do it.
10.        In closing please leave us with any final thought or comments and thanks for your time.

Thank you very much for your interview and lend your ear to 'Under A Frozen Sun'!

Steffen Kummerer


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