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Review and Interview 2009:

Todesbonden, founded by Laurie Ann Haus (Autumn Tears) is a Celtic, World, and Classical influenced hard rock/metal band that takes the listener on a musical journey of fantasy, yearning, and a time long ago. Using a mix of catchy trance-inducing melodies, epic keys, soaring violins, powerful Balkan, Operatic, Celtic, Rock, and Middle Eastern lead female vocals, and crushing guitars, Todesbonden creates a sound to touch the inner heart and soul of every listener. In 2003, Laurie recruited Jason Aaron Wood (Ol Sonuf) on guitar/bass/programming and Patrick Geddes on violin to help her record the "Stormbringer" EP, which was released in 2004. In 2005, James Lamb (keys) and Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (bass) joined Todesbonden and together they created the full-length "Sleep Now, Quiet Forest" which was mixed, produced and mastered by Jens Bogren from Fascination Street Studios and is to be released by Prophecy Productions late June, 2008. An honorable mention goes out to A.Tolonen (Nest) for his contribution in writing the last song Sleep Now, Quiet Forest with Laurie Ann Haus. Todesbonden is currently working on writing for their next album.

Band Members: Laurie Ann Haus (Vocalist), Jason Aaron Wood (Guitars), Patrick Geddes (Violin), Jason Ian-Vaughn Eckert (Bass), Alex Hicks (Drums)

2008 -Sleep Now, Quiet Forest

2004 - Stormbringer EP

Origin Country: USA ******

1. We are talking today with Laurie Ann Haus the founder of the exciting and highly original band Todesbonden. Laurie, Todesbonden offers a very unique and striking musical approach with a great deal of influences. How did you manage to fit all these sounds together into what is now Todesbonden?

I would either write the melodies or I would request that a certain style would be thrown into the mix. I have very good musicians that I work with so they are flexible enough to follow this type of direction. Also, Jason Aaron Wood has similar taste as me so it makes it easy to work with him as far as composing in keys that are not fitting directly in average Western style.

2. Todesbonden hail from the Washington D.C. area in the U.S. I have spent a good amount of time in that area, and know there is a solid music scene. How has local support been for the band?

We have a lot of friends, family and steadily grown fan base here. We have had support from the local clubs because we tend to be able to bring in a good amount of people. We are now starting to reach out a bit outside of the "metal" genre and that has been very helpful to us as well. There are some very good bands from around here that we look forward to sharing a bill with in the near future.

3. Todesbonden first released the EP "Stormbringer" back in 2004. What were the thoughts and feelings in the band upon this first release?

It was a good first try. I wrote all the music. It was what attracted Prophecy to us so that is a good thing. However, we had fake drums and our productions was lacking. I like the music on the EP but we are much more informed now about how to make a professional sounding album.

4. The latest release is the LP "Sleep now, Quiet forest" The album is receiving incredible reviews. Tell us about the writing of this album, did you know you had something special?

Although we have had a very good response from playing live and I had no idea how the album would be received. It was a diverse style of music for every song and softer then some of the music that most of our target audience would listen to. So we didn't know what to expect. However, I liked the music and I personally felt that the music was something special.

5. The music of Todesbonden is very richly layered with ideas and unique sound scape's. When the band begins the writing process is there a central theme or idea, or does each song develop individually?

Each song starts differently. Sometimes it starts because someone is already playing a nice melody while playing around on their instrument and we just join in with him. Sometimes I say "I want a song that has this type of feeling" and the band members start to attempt to write in the style that I am requesting. I then arrange all of the music and give ideas. Our next album is going to be different however since most of the writing will return to being written at home again.

6. When the band was formed originally, what was the goal for the music, and do you feel that has been realized with the latest album?

This album is actually rather different then what I originally imagined. I like the music a lot but it is very different. I was originally hoping for a more doomy, ethereal music without a lot of technical riffraff. However, when I got a lot of really good musicians in the band the music took on a life of it's own and became the album that you heard. It is still very good, but not exactly what was indented for my original vision.

7. Are there any musical ideas you would like to include in future work that you have not yet tried?

Yes, I want us to go in an even more worldly direction. We have one song still waiting to be completed that is very much Flamenco in style and I find it very beautiful. We also have a lot more music that is going in that direction. We never really got to the level of symphonic style that I wanted and I hope that we keep pushing towards that.

8. Has the band had an opportunity to play outside the D.C. area, and are there any plans to do so?

Yes, we have played in several other states and we are currently going to play the Flight of the Valkyries festival in MN, we ultimately would love to play in Europe if possible. Maybe next year.

9. What do you hope listeners get from your music?

I hope that our music transports people to a more wistful place. I want our music to make their heart ache and have them longing for something other from what they currently experience. I love it when artists tell me that they use our CD to accompany their creativity, which is the biggest compliment I have received.

10. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts, and where can we get the latest album?

Our CD is readily available almost anywhere online. Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Target, Best Buy etc.. Thank you so much for this thoughtful interview. It was an honor.


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