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Interview w/ Mark Woolley

Band Members:

Mark Woolley - Vocals/Guitar

David C Beret - Bass

Warren Davies - Drums

Dean *Deamon* Baldwin - Guitar


Country of Origin:  Australia


Toecutter (2011 Self Titled CD)



1. Tonight we are talking with Mark Woolley of the Australian Metal outfit known as Toecutter. Mark welcome and thanks for your time. Please introduce us to the band.

Greetings to all and thanks ..Toecutter at present consists of Warren Davies on drums , David C Beret on bass Dean Deamon Baldwin on guitar and myself on guitar and vocals .
 2. Mark, you have been active in the world of Metal for many years now, take us back to the beginning of this venture. What has led up to the founding of Toecutter?

I think I might have to write a book one day ,Ive now been playing in metal bands for around 27 years .
Originally I joined Nothing Sacred around 1984 also I had a band dubbed The Enseminoids , later joining Hobbs Angel of death with whom I
traveled to Berlin with to record the first Hobbs album . At one stage was playing in all three at the same time.
in 1992 after Hobbs broke up I begun a project called Hatred , later to be renamed Toecutter ,as Hatred we released a 7 track , 4 studio and 3 live CD called: Faces in the Dirt. Later I rejoined Hobbs for a short while to do supports for Mayhem and Destruction but meanwhile Toecutter was still happening.
Later on we recorded the CD which is now the re-released self titled Toecutter album.
 3. What is your ultimate vision for Toecutter?

My ultimate vision for Toecutter is to basically get out of Australia and see the world ,have fun and thrash with the big guys.
 4. Since the founding of the band what would you say has been the biggest challenge for you and what have you learned that has helped push the band forward?
Since founding the band and cannot forget about my co founder Shane Macquirter ,
nicknamed S.A.Tanic who died in a freak electrical accident R.I.P Shane.
Challenges have been finding the right personnel and chemistry ,there have been well over 20 musicians who have played with me , all of whom have helped shape the style that we have now.
Persistence is the key and lots of hard work ,bands can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies ,hence many lineup changes joy and heartache.
I live for my family and my metal and will die for both.
 5. The Toecutter sound references many Metal styles. What do you attribute this unique sound to?
As I've mentioned myself being the only original member left and the amount of musicians that I've played with has led to our sound ,also being in Australia
I think there is an Aussie style of metal that is unique to us , being so apart from the rest of the world.

6. What is the next big goal for the band?

Our next big goal is to recover from the loss of our last member and finish the new album which has already been started and as I've said get our music overseas for the world to hear .
7. Tell us about the debut album. What can our readers expect?
The debut album like with most bands is a collective of years of songwriting ,to a lesser extent so will the next one as we have plenty of songs up our sleeve but also brand new tracks .
8. Is Toecutter currently planning any tours or shows?

Just at present writing and recording are our major priorities but if the right offers come along we definitely will take them , playing live is the best especially in front of a great responsive audience.
9. In closing please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

To close I'd just like to say that as long as can still do it Toecutter will never die ,our fans are our friends and I thank the Toecutter Elite as they are called for without them we are nothing.
Also thanks for giving me this chance to tell some more about us ..\m/FTW\m/..


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