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Umbra Summi Nobis

Interview w/ Braidys Roa

Band Members-

Vocals: Alexa

Guitar: Bray

Guitar: End

Bass: Alejandro

Backing Vocals: Yareli

Drums: Freddy

Country of Origin: Venezuela

Las primeras leyendas - Demo (2010)


1. Tonight we are speaking with Braidys Roa of the Venezuelan band Umbra Summi Nobis. Hello my friend. Please introduce us to the rest of the band.

Well first of all thank you very much for the invitation and allowing us to share with all your readers, we're honored that Nocturnal Euphony take us into account. UMBRA SUMMI NOBIS currently consists of six persons:


Alexandra Zambrano (Alexa), is the Lead voice, Braidys Roa is the guitarist and arranger, Endrina Guilpen (End) is our other guitar, main songwriter and responsible for the orchestrations, Yareli Trujillo is our second voice, she also writes Songs, Freddy Fonseca is on drums and Alejandro Gil on bass and vocals.

2. Umbra Summi Nobis is the first band we have interviewed from Venezuela. How is the Metal Scene in your home country and is the band receiving good support?

Well, the metal scene in our country is great and every day we add more people, but still is a bit difficult for bands presentations and concerts, are a tropical country, here the tropical and Latin rhythms have a percentage sooo important in the radio and mainstream media. Thanks to technology, web sites and online radio as well as digital magazines we have been able to keep the metal scene. We are currently experiencing major changes, the bands are more unified understanding that there is not a competition between us, but should be a brotherhood, so there are a number of festivals and concerts that are taking place in parks, theaters and clubs, much still But will continue working. And yes the band is receiving good support =) the fans are uncondicional even when they have  to travel to another cities to see us in concert.

3. The band uses two female vocalists, tell us how you came to have two vocalists and what is the idea behind this approach.

We always wanted the lead singer of our band was a woman but never really think in two voices, but the fate insisted in this jajaja, the story is more or less like this:


Our first singer left the band, it was then when we call Yareli that at some time had made ​​the background vocals to Umbra, she agreed, but within few months she left the country for laboral issues in Europe, so UMBRA followed in the search for a new voice. It was after much searching when it appeared in the rehearsal room Alexandra Zambrano, who sometime ago had also done backgrounds vocals for UMBRA SUMMI NOBIS. Alexandra stayed in the project and to the surprise of all of us in our first show with Alexa, our old friend Yareli was in the audience, we immediately invited her to participate in the chorus, but his participation was really important and significant to the band and over time she became the second voice in the band.


Each one gives it a different force, and they work very well together, really think this is an important part in the band as well as the presence of our two guitarists which they also work flawlessly.

4. The band currently has a demo out. What can you tell us about this release?

We released 300 copies of the EP and are currently sold out!, also can be downloaded from our website,, or public profiles in Jamendo or even from Facebook. Social networks have been very important for us in this process to spread our music, and thanks to the universe, the reception has been great.


A few weeks after hanging up the EP on the Internet, we had an average of 400 downloads only  in our website, on Jamendo also had quite acceptance, in fact we found videos  with some of our songs in Paris and Germany, to be our first job is not bad! 

5. The bands songs are centered around Universal Legends, Personal Experiences, and Ecological Concerns. please explain more about how each of these topics makes its way into your music.

Our compositions are mainly focused on these issues because that's what moves us, you'll see, ecology is easy to see, we have a single home, the earth, and with pollution, global warming, and most importantly the lack of information and will for a huge amount of people who do not take care about the environment we live in, we are destroying our home, so we sing warning our listeners of this big problem that concerns all of us.  Universal legends, what would have been of ancient peoples without their legends, without their beliefs? What would we be without them? we try to rescue from oblivion those stories, that have given glory and myster to the places where we live now and immortalized many heroes. We try to bring the stories of our ancestors to future generations and rescue a little of our culture, we sing universal legends trying highlight the legends and stories of our country. personal experiences and the ecological issue, trying to
highlight the legends and cultural elements of our country Venezuela

6. Has the band played any shows outside of your home country and are there any plans to do  so?

Unfortunately we have not done any live outside the country, but it is something we have in our plans for this year.

7. With a demo completed, are there plans to make a entire album?

Of course! currently we are working on what will be our first full length, we are in the process of writing and preproduction of the last songs that entered the record, we are very excited! we want the album comes out soon and see how people react

8. Where would you like to see the band this time next year?

Well we have many plans for this year! the first is finished filming our first video and make a big premiere party with our fans. play the maximum number of gigs that we are possible! and to do concerts outside the country, bring our music to as many people as possible.

 9. What is your biggest goal for the band?

Our main goal is that many people know our music, but beyond that, we want people to feel our music to make it theirs. that our message reaches everyone who wants to accept it.

10. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.

Thanks for the support . Go see live bands. support the new proposals that emerge in all corners of the globe, be critical and honest with all bands, is the only way to realize that we are doing wrong jejejeje, and especially try to keep clean our environment, Mother Earth will thank us.


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