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The End of Life (2008)

Clinic For Dolls (2010)

Origin Country: Poland


Aya(Anna Stefanowicz)- vocals, composing, lyrics
Mauser(Maurycy Stefanowicz)- guitar, samples, composing

Gonzo(Wojtek Blaszkowski)- drums
Patrick(Patryk Malinowski)- bass ; -


1. Tonight we are speaking with Mauser and Aya of the brilliant and dynamic band Unsun. First of all, thank you both for taking the time to speak with us. The band Unsun was originally known as Unseen. Why was the name changed?

Aya: We had to change the name because there was another band in the USA with the same name. That was not good news for us, we really liked this name but our label told us we must do it because we could have some problems with it in the future, So we wanted a name that sounded similar to Unseen and after some time we found the new name UnSun. What does it mean? It's something incorporating day and night, dark and light, the name is like the contrast  in our music which is melancholic, sweat, heavy and dark.

2. Unsun hail from Poland, how is the Metal scene in your home country and are you receiving good fan support?
Aya: After the big worldwide success of death metal band Vader the metal scene in Poland has developed very much. The musicians from the genre believed that they can fulfill this music. Since that time a lot of metal bands have appeared on the Polish metal scene. They grew up like a mushrooms after the rain. Behemoth,Vader, Decapitated, Vesania, Hate, Dies Irae and a lot of more less known bands which want to have a career. From our genre Delight (is not exist already) and Darzamat.
Unfortunately there is no good way to promote metal, rock music in Poland. There is no radio, TV or magazines, festivals that are promoting rock and metal music. So, getting  new fans is really hard. Metal in Poland is a  deep  underground music.


3. Mauser, fans may also know you from your work with renowned Polish band "Vader". What made you decide to create Unsun?

Mauser: I wanted to do something different than I played from years in Vader or in my own second band Dies Irae. The melodies that I was looking for were missing. But I love metal music! This is my whole life and I decided that this time I would try to do something not too heavy with normal vocals but still metal. Something were there is space for violin (my second instrument), piano and electronic accents which I really like in music. Aya wrote the first song for Unsun "Memories".This was also very inspiring for me to create UnSun.

4. Aya, your vocal style is very unique and captivating, have you worked with any other bands, and what is your singing background?

Aya: Yes,I worked on my own one person band .When I was 15 I performed in our local scenes with my songs and my acoustic guitar. This kind of music is called lyrical. Something like Jewel, Alter Bridge, Creed,Nirvana,-the main inspirations of my songs are those past years.

5. The debut album from Unsun titled "The End of Life" was one of my favorite albums when it came out. In fact it was in my CD player for about 3 months before I took it out. Tell us about the writing of this album.
Aya: That's great! Thank you. After some time finally I could tell that this is really a good one for us (so far we have recorded only 2 cds.) It's really hard to rate own art. There are a lot of feelings in our music, there is a lot of heart in our art. But now I can tell definetly that it was a good album.
We recorded it at Studio X (with the second album we recorded there only vocals and the instruments were recorded in Studio Hertz) The music was written by Mauser ,and 2 songs are my (Memories and Face the truth) Memories is a ballad which I wrote for our demo before the recording our first full album ,but we have included it on our full length album too. I was responsible for the lyrics on this album.

6. You decided to create a video for the song "Whispers" which received over 3 million hits on youtube. Were you surprised that this many people viewed the video?

Mauser: Oh, yes, but now Whispers has almost 5 million hits already ;) I dont know how this is working. It's really hard to tell what the secret is to so many views. It seems that people like this song very much and now we have to write something similar. hehe It's a really good sign for the future of our band. But we invite you to watch our newest video for the song Home .It's worth watching.

7. Unsun have just released an all new album called "Clinic for Dolls", tell me about this title. What is the idea behind this song?

Aya: We released our second album almost 2 months ago. We have gotten very good feedback so far.
The title of the album has a really deep meaning. The title fits every song on the album, so that's why we have chosen it.
Clinic For dolls is a kind of Hell on Earth. We all live in this Hell. This is a place full of sick people with empty hearts, they are bad people and they hurt us all the time.This is what the album is talking about.


8. What would you say are the biggest differences between "Clinic for Dolls" and "The End of Life"?
Aya: There are some differences between them .Clinic for dolls is a heavier album, the vocals are different also, they are more natural but girlish at the same time, there is no operatic vocals and we dont want to change this. The production is better on our latest cd ,the guitar, drums and bass are more noticable and vocals are not in the foreground. There is less electronic elements on the album but our sophomore album is still catchy and we like it very much.

9. Will there be any tours or shows coming up for Unsun?

Aya: We are still planing our upcoming shows and we'll go on european tour in the next year for sure .This is our main goal for UnSun now .Also we wanna play in North America and we have some plans for that too.

10. There is obviously a very strong connection between the two of you when writing and performing the music for Unsun. How would you describe the experience working together to create this great music?

Aya: The work together, I mean the process of writing music, is great. We have no problems with cooperation. We understand each other very well ,there is no fighting between us and we are unanimous  working together. Mauser writes the songs, then we talk together about how they should sound, what can we add or change in the song, how should sound the vocals  and  the rest ,etc...
It's really pleasant work.

11. What is most important to you when you are writing and creating the music?

Mauser: Silence and peace man:) It's always the same story.When I feel something I just start playing. Some riffs are ok some not. I am talking about the feelings. It's always about that man...Feeling...Really ia a important part of creation some songs or anything. Its in my minds always...


12. Is there anything you want to incorporate into the music of Unsun that you haven't tried yet?

Aya: There is something what we wanna add to our songs. That is a male voice. Like in the song Lost Innocence from first album.
That works great and we think we want some male vocals on the third album. We want to use Mauser's vocal skills, and we want to add acoustic guitar and violin and use the instruments on the stage. I can play the guitar and Mauser's second instrument is violin so I think we could make it.
13. With 2 great albums complete, what is the next big goal for Unsun?

Mauser: Touring,touring ,touring....... we wanna focus on promoting our second album now ,and the best way to doing it is touring, playing concerts. We already have a lot of ideas for the next songs but we wanna wait with recording another album. We did a video for the song Home from our latest album now and we are thinking about the second video...

14. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.

Mauser: Thanks for your attention. Greetings to all the readers of Nocturnal Euphony. Check out our new video for the song Home!! !It's really worth your time watching it. See you!!!


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