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Interview w/   Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund

Band Members: 

Andreas "Vintersorg" Hedlund – composer, vocals, guitar, keyboard

Mattias Marklund – guitar


Session Musicians:

*Vargher – keyboards on Hedniskhjärtad, Till fjälls, and Ödemarkens son

*Cia Hedmark – female vocals on Hedniskhjärtad, Till fjälls, and Ödemarkens son and violin on Ödemarkens son

*Andreas Frank – guest lead guitar on "För kung och fosterland" & "Asatider" on Till fjälls

*Nisse Johansson – additional keys on Till fjälls and analog synth, loop editing on Visions from the Spiral Generator and Hammond on "Universums dunkla alfabet"

*Jan Erik "Tyr" Torgersen – live bass

*Steve DiGiorgio – bass guitar on Visions from the Spiral Generator and The Focusing Blur

*Asgeir Mickelson – drums on Visions from the Spiral Generator and The Focusing Blur

*Lars "Lazare" Nedland – Hammond organ on Visions from the Spiral Generator and Hammond organ, vocals, and lyricist on The Focusing Blur

*Benny Hägglund – live drums

*Johan Lindgren – live bass, bass on Solens rötter

*Andreas Stenlund – live guitar until 2002


Country of Origin: Sweden


Hedniskhjärtad (1998) ("Paganhearted")

Till fjälls (1998) ("To the Mountains")

Ödemarkens son (1999) ("Son of the Wilderness")

Cosmic Genesis (2000)

Visions from the Spiral Generator (2002)

The Focusing Blur (2004)

Solens rötter (2007) ("Roots of the Sun")

Jordpuls (2011) ("Pulse of the earth") ; (Fan Page Only)



1. Tonight Nocturnal Euphony delves into the world of Vintersorg. We have the pleasure to be speaking with non other than the mastermind behind the name Vintersorg himself. Welcome my friend and thanks for your time. Here we are, the summer of 2011 approaches and Vintersorg has released a new collection of songs, titled "Jordpuls" (Earth Pulse). As with all Vintersorg releases the album is receiving good praise. Tell us about the approach for this album as far the overall sound.


Mr V: I just wrote a bunch of songs that we recorded J. Well, it took us some time actually to really understand what we wanted to do this time around and the recording process lasted for about a year or so. I knew that I wanted to give the folk musical aspect a vaster space and also to have more contrast, so the calm parts very calm and the harsh very harsh. We recorded it at my own studio and also mixed and mastered it there, it was so perfect. We could only record during weekends due to our obligations to our day time job and I also have a family with kids and all, so it’s impossible to go away for several weeks to do an album. I think that the new album is a bit of a past-present-and future-album there we take a glimpse at our past but still move forward.



2. Why was it decided to perform all the lyrics in Swedish?


Mr V: I was just so inspired to write in swedish, so I did. It’s actually simple as that. We don’t think of comercial aspects in this band which sometiems is probably a bit frustrating for our record company, but we take our art dead serious and with that comes a dedication and passion that goes so much deeper.



3. Vintersorg has developed a very signature sound over time. Does this album deviate from the past approach in any way?


Mr V: I think it’s classic Vintersorg ground but with every album we try to explore some new paths, and this is also what I feel goes for this piece. I write music in many ways: on guitar, keyboard, based on rhythm/percussion and some times I start with a vocal melody….so it’s a very broad palett to work from and it has always been this way even if the first albums were mainly written out of guitar riff s and vocal lines.



4. The new album is inspired by a "Fragile Earth" please tell us more about this theme.


Mr V: I guess if you understand Swedish the lyrics is quite obvious. But for those who don’t it take a launching pad in nature romantic observations and how these effecct me as a human. How it makes my mind spinn off in philosophizing about the relation between man and nature, not seeing nature as a place for man. Instead it’s all about man as a part of nature and how we are dependent of it. Italso includes a vaster perspective with the whole Universe as a pillar of nature and a part of our conscious. The Earth Pulse resound in everything that we see around us, but in the wild but also in the archetypes that man has refined into a modern society. Still, it’s avery critical look upon how we can live and proceed this relation in a healthy and sustainable way.



5. There is always a buzz of excitement when a new Vintersorg album is about to be released. Does this ever add pressure when writing new material?


Mr V: No, I write and record songs on adaily basis, so I’m always in recording and writing mode. I have a hard time to stop myself from writing new songs but I love it so why even bother to do that.



6. You are also in the band Borknager, but Vintersorg has always been your own musical expression, what does it mean to you personally to be able to write simply for your own creative purposes?


Mr V: It’s what it’s all about for me. Writing song out of inspiration and lust, not taking hundreds of persepctives when it comes to tracklist, merchendise etc..just for the passion of making music that revolves my mind and fill it with excitiment and joy. But as for my other bands I think we havet hat in those bands as well, but when you have a longer memberlist it’s important that every guy feel that they can let out their musical needs as well.



7. Are there any themes or sound scape's you would like to incorporate into future Vintersorg releases that you have yet to try?


Mr V: I’ve always wanted to work with a female choir…it was actually the plan after ÖS but for several reasons it didn’t turn out that way, but I think it could be something for a future album. I’ve always written a lot of camlm accoustic songs and have a plan to do an album with that as well, we’ll see what happens. I’m in a metal mode right now.



8. Tell us about the folk instrumentation on the "Jordpuls" it is described as being more diverse than ever before.


Mr V: Yepp. Using different kinds of flutes, harps, violins, key harp etc…and I think that the arrangements for the different folk elements are very elegant but still very epic at times.



9. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.


Mr V: Just check out the album, it a very adventurous album but it may take a some spinns before you get into it.



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