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Interview w/ Pedrito Hildebrando

Band Members:

Pedrito Hildebrando - Vocals
Luiz Mallet - Guitar
Filipe Lima - Guitar
Lucas Zandomingo - Bass
Augusto Taboransky - Drums

Country of Origin: Brazil

Blessed by the Sands of Flames(2011)EP



1. Tonight we welcome to the family Pedrito Hildebrando, Vocalist for the Brazilian Blackened Death Metal band Vociferatus. Welcome my friend. We are always happy to see another great Metal band emerging from South America. Please introduce us to the other members of the band.

It's my pleasure to be here today! The band's current line-up is formed by Luiz Mallet (guitars), Augusto Taboransky (drums), Lucas Zandomingo (bass) and our new brother, the guitarist Filipe Lima.
2. The band was created in 2008. What made you decide it was time to create Vociferatus?

I always felt very connected with extreme music, but never met anyone with this same connection. When I met Augusto and Luiz, we all felt that we could start this, then Vociferatus was born. 
3. What lead you to the Metal path. How did you first become involved with the Metal scene?

Since very young I was a big fan of rock music, but when we're talking about Metal, it's not only the music, it's the way you see it. I could say that you don't only listen to Metal, you live Metal, specially talking about Black Metal. That's why it's so passionate to me, it's not just music, it's a way to live.
4. The music of Vociferatus is very intense. What bands do you credit with influencing your music the most?

Well, I could say that we the direct influences are Marduk, Behemoth, Immortal and Nile, mainly. But also, we have some external influences since most of us are big fans of Doom Metal and post-rock/ambient music. 
5. Has Vociferatus played any shows outside of Brazil?

Unfortunatelly not, but we're preparing our album, and maybe a big tour outside Brazil might come with it.
6. How has the local support been for the band?

It's been very good, the reviews of our recent release, the EP "Blessed By the Hands of Flames" has been very positive, the audience at our concerts has growing more and more every concert, it's been much better then we expected.
7. What is something you would like to share with our readers about the Brazilian Metal scene?

You guys should check out what Brazil have to show you, many amazing bands, specially talking about extreme metal. I could name a few like Agona, Dark Tower, Diva, Impacto Profano, Forceps, Amnesia, The Shade of Crow, Fresh Meat ... I could spend days talking about the local scene, but if there's something really important is that if you can check out live any brazilian band, do it, you won't regret.
8. What is the next big goal for the band?

We're now rehearsing to get on studio as soon as possible to record our first full-length, and also booking concerts all over Brazil.
9. In closing please leave our readers with any final thoughts or comments.

First of all, thank's very much for Nocturnal Euphony's support, and also the support of all our friends and fans within or without Brazil.
Don't forget to check out our new EP "Blessed by the Hands of Flames" available for free download at our Facebook,!
To contact the band, just send an email to or on our myspace,
Keep supporting Metal, wherever you are! 
Brazilian Hails!
Thank you so much for this opportunity!


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