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(Was Formally: *Texas Metal Alliance*, Changed to *Warbeast* 2009)


Band Members:

Bruce Corbitt - Vocals
Scott Shelby - Lead Guitar
Bobby Tillotson Jr. - Lead Guitar
Joe Gonzalez - Drums
Alan Bovee - Bass

Country of Origin: USA

Krush the Enemy(2010)



1. Tonight we bring to you from the heart of Texas the head snapping and chest pounding ma thrashing lords of Chaos. The Mighty Warbeast! Thanks for your time my friends. Anyone who knows Warbeast knows one thing to be true. In a world of Metal filled with studio tricks, computerized music and fluff and filler on every track. Warbeast is the real deal. Straight up, Metal done the way it as always meant to be.

Tell us how this method for writing the Warbeast way came about?

Shelby - years of listening and loving metal, years of experience, and the need to conquer and destroy!!!

Joe aka Blu-since the bands inception in my opinion its always been about taking each individual song and giving it its own character from lyrics, lyric placement theme of the song, tempo etc…and it helps that half the band already has put out amazing records with rigor mortis and gammacide…Thrash is what we do..

2. You are not the only ones out there creating this style of Metal. Do you think there is resurgence in the old way if you will of writing Metal music?

Bobby T - There is and to be a part of the originators is awesome. To stand out amongst what is out there is what were about being yourself straight forward attack.

Shelby - Yes there is, the older way makes you want mosh and energetic, whereas blast beats all the time tend to numb you out. We like to mix modern methods and old classic thrash to create the BEAST !

3. Texas has always been regarded as a Metal haven. What do you think is different down there from the rest of the country or world when it comes to Metal?

Joe aka Blu- As a Mexican American I feel being so close to border all bands from  here have a sort of spice to them , as well as Tijuana for inspiration

Bobby T - The picante sauce! The holy trinity, Pantera, ZZ Top and Dead Horse. I think you can go anywhere and metalheads are a kindred spirit, but Texas is definitely special.

Alan Bovee – It’s the Texas heat; it fuels the aggression, and the high consumption of alcohol.

4. The big news for Warbeast right now is the release of the debut record "Krush the Enemy" Tell us about the making of this brutal Metal gem.

Joe aka Blu- it was an eye opening experience, I definitely learned a lot about myself as a player .we grew as a band and pumped out what I think is a thrashterpiece..I was eighteen when we recorded this album and it was my first record so I’m still stoked its even out, I feel very lucky to have been able to make this record with all these awesome musicians and to be spreading the gospel of thrasshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

5. The Warbeast tour is underway on November 8th. What can fans expect when they head out to see Warbeast live?

Shelby – Expect a shotgun blast in the face of Texas metal in its purest form it will satisfy any metal heads needs I guarantee you!!!!


Bobby T - Energy! No holds barred. No apologies for destroying you; enter at your own risk.

6. The debut album "Krush the Enemy" is out on Housecore Records the label owned by former Pantera front man Phil Anselmo. How did Warbeast come to be on Phil’s label?

Bruce C – My other band Rigor Mortis went on a tour Arson Anthem back in 2007… which is one of Philip's bands. I knew Philip from way back when he moved to Dallas/Ft. Worth and joined Pantera.  So we were just catching up on old times during that tour.  I told him about the new band and that I was jamming with some guys from Gammacide.  He also knew them from the old days.  He was curious to hear it, so after the tour I sent him a copy of our demo. 

About a week later he called me praising the songs and he said that he could hear the potential in the band.  He told me that night that he wanted first shot at signing us. We never looked anywhere else and made a verbal agreement that we would sign with Housecore Records.  It was a great opportunity to work with a true metal legend and a friend at the same time.  It has felt like a family since then and we wouldn’t want to be on any other label.

7. The album is out, the tour is kicking off. So what is the next big goal for Warbeast?

Joe aka Blu - TAKING OVER THE WORLD... I want to play in Japan

Bobby T - A new album, destroying Europe, I feel that were achieving our goals right now. But always going forward and getting to the next level

Shelby - To take our Texas metal to Europe come back and record the follow up to KRUSH and make an ass kicking album to feed the need for quality metal and spread it across the nation and new riffs so far are going to do just that!!!!!

8. Bands are nothing without the fans. I want to give you this opportunity to say to our readers and all the Warbeast fans out there, anything you would like..

Joe aka Blu - I’d like to give a shout out to my cuzzo pookie and lolo…and where the white women at!?!?!?..

Bobby T - You buy our fucking records now and tell your friends or we'll kill you! No our fans are amazing. There’s always a fan in every town that really gets what were about and were available to them on many levels. That’s the goal your there for us were there for you.

Alan Bovee – I always try to take the time and meet with and thank them for showing up. Very cool being in a city away from home and seeing familiar faces from the previous visit(s), and new ones as well. In the past, I remember times when I was lucky enough to meet an artist that I admired and really looked up to. It meant the world to me, so I feel good when I get the chance to chat with our fans. I would also like to add that my beverage of choice is the boilermaker!!

9. In closing we wish you all the best on the road, and please leave us with any final thoughts or comments.

Alan Bovee – If you come to the show, prepare for ruin.

Bobby T - See you on the road! Please come hang with us don’t be scared we won’t really kill you

Shelby - I bleed for the fans and metal and you will see and hear it at the show and on cd thrash on later!!!!!!!!


The roots of WARBEAST are firmly entrenched in the legendary 80’s Texas underground metal scene. Vocalist Bruce Corbitt was the voice of speed metal splatter kings Rigor Mortis, who achieved major label success on Capitol Records in 1988. Guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby were the riff machine behind Gammacide, one of Texas most furious thrash exports. Bassist Alan Bovee joined Gammacide when they re-united in 2006, and drum tornado Joe Gonzalez provided blast beats and mayhem for Dallas death metal band Demonseed.


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