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Interview w/ John Laux

Band Members:

John Kevill - Vocals;

John Laux - Guitar

Adam Carroll - Guitar

Andy Laux - Bass

Carlos Cruz - Drums

Country of Origin: USA

Born of the Ruins(2005) Demo

One by One, the Wicked Fall(2006) EP

War Without End(2008)

Walking into Nightmares(2009)

Worlds Torn Asunder(2011)


  • "Combat Shock" (2008)
  • "At the Cracks of Doom" (2008)
  • "Severed Reality" (2009)
  • "Shattered Like Glass" (2011)!/warbringerband


1. Tonight we are speaking with the unrelenting Metal force known as Warbringer. Thanks for your time my friends. So the brand new album "Worlds Torn Asunder" is out now on Century Media Records. The album is a straight out Thrash attack! This is what Warbringer are known for. What is your personal view on the new album?
We are very proud of the record. Honestly, I feel like there are plenty of influences on this record that are not as straight forward as many people believe. We are always working with riff styles and sounds. While “Living Weapon” is undoubtedly a Thrasher, “Shattered Like Glass” and “Savagery” are covered with Hardcore Punk ticks. “Future Ages Gone” is very melodic and has a heavy, progressive feel, etc. I think all these songs are unique and that’s probably why the record feels so unrelenting.

2. When did writing begin on the new album and how long did it take from start to finish?
We made sure to do something different this time around. We wouldn't allow ourselves to be rushed through the writing process. Last time we wrote Waking Into Nightmares in two month and spent 12 days in the studio, before we were pushed back on the road without a proper mix/input/post-production phase as that was all done without the band present. We started early this year with a new drummer, Carlos Cruz, and spent. 6 months writing before we entered the studio with producer Steve Evetts and then spent 4 grueling weeks setting our work into stone with him. It was a good experience and Steve captured the best performances. We wanted a natural, heavy, organic sound and not a triggered, processed one like a lot of modern day metal records.

3. Warbringer are currently on tour supporting the new album. Are you playing all the new material live?
Yes, we are headlining right now and benefiting from an extended set. We play 4-5 new songs a night, and rotate 1 one of them every night. We are still getting a feel for how certain songs can move the audience. We don't plan out our setlists, so to speak, we just have a general outline for a set that everyone knows. Depending on the crowd, we might want to play a faster, brutal cut to shake them up or something melodic or groovy if speed isn't doing the trick.

4. Let's take a look at what makes Warbringer tick. Tell me about how you came to play in the Thrash genre.
In 2004 we all met during high school and started a band. A few songs later we were ready to play shows and noticed there were plenty of other bands in LA working on the same sound and listening to the same Thrashin’ Metal bands we enjoyed. We started networking and the scene moved from backyards and house parties to packed clubs on the Sunset Strip. This attracted Century Media, Earache, and Metal Blade, to look into and develop the scene on a worldwide scale.

5. In 2011, why are so many metal bands afraid to riff?
Perhaps it’s a sign of the sad state of the times! I have heard a lot of killer riffs lately from bands like Revocation, Skeletonwitch, Baroness, Black Breath, who have crunchy riffs that get me excited.

6. What equipment are you using to create your hellish sound?
I am a gear slut. Though, our sound is simple. We use passive pick-ups, Seymour Duncan JB's,
and honestly any modern amplifier with an 808 will do. I prefer the Mesa Boogie Mark V stateside but am accustomed to making do with whatever underpowered head is thrown at me on a fly-in or foreign gig. In the studio, producer Steve Evetts believed in getting all the magic on the take. What you hear on the record is exactly what we heard in the studio. The best part is all the sounds are honest. There was no sound replacement or beat doctoring on the drum tracks, Steve had Carlos beat the living hell out of his kit.

7. The album is out, the band is on tour--what is next for Warbringer?
Yeah, right now we are headlining and brought Lazarus A.D, Landmine Marathon, and Diamond Plate on the road with us. We are having a great time and video documentation can be found on our official youtube channel – Unfortunately, this isn't the right time or place to disclose our next American tour, but we’ll be back in the states early next year. A week after this run, we will be headlining in Eastern and Southern Europe and then supporting Arch Enemy for a few weeks before the holidays.

8. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments and thanks for your time.

I would just like to send a shout out to all of our fans! You guys rule, thank you for supporting our records and seeing us live. You guys rule and make everything possible for the band!

-          John Laux



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