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Review and Interview 2008(band members updated 2009-2010):

New Guitarist 2010:

Warpath are the new standard of Thrash metal. Hellish guitar riffs will suck you in, and let you know this band is serious. They hail from the U.K. but are prepared for world domination. If you like your metal real and free of bullshit then Warpath is your band!

Band Members: James Davenport (Drums), Pete Hawthorne***Now: Leigh Chambers*** (Lead Guitar), and Rich Goss (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar), and Gareth Allen (Bass)

Origin Country: United Kingdom

2008 - "Damnation" ******

1. How long has Warpath been together, and please introduce the band members.


Rich: The band has been together since November 2003. We recorded our first rough demo in 2004, a five track EP at the beginning of 2006, and now our debut full length album will be released in the next few weeks. The lineup is Sal Christian on drums, Pete Hawthorne on Lead & Rhythm guitar, and myself on Vocals, Rhythm & Lead guitar. We have a new bassist joining us over the Christmas Holiday after we've confirmed the last few details and had new promo photos taken. Sal: This is Rich's part he's the boss! [laughs]

2. So work on the debut album is wrapped. What can fans expect to hear from this release?


Rich: Pure metal. No ballads! This album was written with one purpose in mind - to head bang, spin your hair, and pit to! You'll hear killer guitar solos from Pete, extremely fast kick drumming and crushing riffs, metal the way it should be. Pete: 'Damnation' is going to become a future classic in the thrash metal field, it's fast, aggressive, full force UK thrash metal that is gonna take the scene by storm! The lead work on the album was a real challenge for me and there was a lot of blood, sweat and swearing put into them, I hope all the guitar geeks like myself out there dig the playing. Sal: SLAYER on steroids!! simple as that.

3. Will there be a supporting tour in the coming months?


Sal: Yes and when we do it will be a show worth seeing!! Pete: Yup, Warpath on the road, leaving destruction, bleeding ears & broken necks wherever we go!! :) Rich: We'll definitely be playing shows across the UK for 2008 to support the album!

4. I have been listening to the Infernal Demo. I really love the guitar work! What are you looking for when writing a new riff?


Rich: Thanks! That demo is fairly old now. For the album I re-recorded the guitars from scratch, upped the tempo, added a lot of new harmonies and leads in. As for new depends really, what kind of mood I'm in. I like writing riffs that can sound brutal and that are challenging to play, but also simple, catchy headbanging riffs too. Sal and Pete have awesome riffs and song ideas so I'm really looking forward to working on new songs with the guys! Sal: I normally write a riff that's fast yet chuggy. I listen to a lot of extreme bands such as Deicide, Nile, Decapitated and Chimaira as I love the way they all play. I write my riffs to fit my pedal work. Children of the Underworld by Deicide = riff of the world!!!! Pete: The Warpath riffs are fucking awesome!! They are solely Richard's creations and all the songs, structures and riffs are his babies that he has been writing for a long time, they are awesome to play and I can't get enough of them. It'll be a real pleasure to start collaborating now the album is out and work together on new, faster, more technical monster thrash!!

5. I see there is a love for Jackson guitars . How many do you use on the album and do you have a favorite model?


Rich: You know what, Jackson guitars are wicked! For the album I used my JS30RR Rhoads. But I also love my BCRich guitars too. Sal: Jacksons guitars are where its at but my favorite guitar is the IRONBIRD morbid boys!! Pete: Mmmmmm Jacksons!! I love Jackson guitars and for the recording of 'Damnation' I used my SL3 USA Soloist, the nicest guitar I've ever owned! I'd love to try one of the new RR24's they look sexy as fuck, but one day I'll definitely have my own custom RR 'Prowler' model, Oh yes!! ;)

6. Looking back at the history of Thrash is there any one band you would credit with drawing you in most to this style of metal?


Rich: Metallica were definitely the first 'real' metal band I heard as a kid, but everything changed the day I heard Megadeth for the first time! Dave Mustaine is one of the most insane rhythm guitarists around and has had a huge influence on my guitar playing. Chuck Shuldiner from Death also was an influence for me. I would say Megadeth, Testament and Death are the bands that have drawn me most into this style of playing. Sal: I listened to Slayer as a kid but then found the almighty Nile and Deicide so I listen to much more death metal than I do thrash. On the whole though I'd probably credit Slayer with inspiring me the most and drawing me into the world of thrash. Pete: Annihilator, all the way. Jeff Waters is a musical genius!!

7. How is the scene in the U.K? Are you receiving good support from fans?


Rich: The scene in the UK right now is cool, there are some great bands around, Sekhmet and Evile being my favorites. The fans are great too, it's wicked seeing kids with Warpath t shirts walking around! We also get a lot of positive comments daily from fans across the world on our myspace and website which is ace. Sal: My personal opinion is the metal scene in the U.K is crap I haven't heard a good British metal band in ages! Hail to POLAND ! Our fans rule. Pete: We're getting great support from fans everywhere, not just the UK and I can't wait for them all to get 'destroyed' at our gigs!

8. Who did the producing on the album?


Rich: I produced the album, and arranged for it to be mixed at Everlong Studios USA, which is run by Orlando Villasenor and Kevin Talley (DAATH, Chimaira). We recently confirmed that James Murphy will be mastering it, which is a huge honor for us - I'm a big fan of his work with Testament and Death! Sal: It has been mixed by my favorite drummer Kevin Talley.

9. What is one thing fans should know about Warpath?


Rich: We've had a lot of challenges and got through them so we never give up or lose sight of where we want to be. We're grateful to every fan that buys our CD's & merch, and that comes to our gigs to head bang with us! Musically...there's no bullshit, we're fast, heavy thrash metal. Sal: Not for pussies full metal CONTACT! Pete: Do you mean like the sacrificing of babies, raping of nuns and the occasional visit to gay sex shops (Sal) that other bands would hide from their fanbase? Oh arse.... did I say all that out loud?? (laughs) Rich: (laughs)

10. Where can fans order the album and merchandise?


Sal: Rich and Pete know, I just hit drums. Rich: The album and merchandise will be available from and . Thanks for the interview!




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