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Interview  w/ Vynce Leff  &  Clementine Delauney

Band Members:

             Clementine Delauney, Vocals

             Vynce Leff, Guitar, Orchestration

             Xavier Corrrientes, Bass

             Nico Chaumeaux, Drums

             Regis Morin, Guitars

             Marc Ruhlmann, Keyboards



Country of Origin: France



Daughter of the Night (2008)

 From the Brink of Infinity (2009)

1. Tonight it is my pleasure to be speaking with founder and guitarist Vynce Leff and Vocalist Clementine Delauney of the powerful and dynamic band Whyzdom. Thanks for speaking with us my friends. Vynce in 2007 you decided to embark on this journey that is Whyzdom. After building your reputation in production work, what made you decide to start your own project?


Hi Jason, 


Well, I was involved in several progressive rock projects at that time, and on the other hand, I was also working on arrangements for symphonic orchestra. Then I discovered the symphonic metal scene, with many bands mixing orchestra stuff with heavy metal riffing... I instantly fell in love with that idea, and thought it could be a great opportunity to express both side of my musical identity. 

2. Within 6 months of the bands creation the first EP "Daughter of the Night" was released with high reviews. Did you expect such rave reviews for the EP?

No. When you release anything, it's impossible to guess reviewers reactions... We did the best job we could, and were all in love with the songs, so it was a priceless reward to see all that buzz growing. Maybe the best memory we have from that period is that we saw more and more people coming to our shows - that's how we knew that it was "real"... not only a "virtual internet" thing.

3. Looking more into the heart of the band, you obviously draw influence from other great symphonic bands, but what do you feel really sets Whyzdom apart from other similar styled bands?
Of course, we are not precursors of the genre. As I said before, the idea of mixing orchestra with metal belongs to great bands which started this a long time ago. But we wouldn't have started ourselves if we hadn't the conviction that we could bring something different. The first thing lies in the use of the orchestra: it is really part of the band, not only "on top" of the music if you see what I mean. It is intertwined with guitar riffs, with instruments responding to each others, with a distinctive rhythmic role - and not only "beds of strings" - by the way, we use many articulations that are seldom heard in other bands, like agressive staccati, pizzicati, Bartok pizz, etc... The other important thing is that we pay close attention to harmonic and melodic content, and that we always try to forbid ourselves to use too evident chord progressions - we even sometimes make use of contemporary music, which is rarely found in symphonic metal music. And we hope to push all this even further in our next album. 


When we listen to our first album, we really feel that it resembles us and not any other band. That's eventually the most important thing for us.




4. After the EP release, we see Whyzdom playing some big shows and winning such honors as the Metal Female Voices Fest Contest and opening for our friends Delain. What were your thoughts during these events?


I think something really started at the Metal Female Voices Fest Contest. It was the first time we did play abroad. Since there were several excellent Belgian bands, we honestly thought there was no chance to win the contest... so we came just for the pleasure to play in the Biebob as openers for Haggard. We were surprised by the audience. It sounded like madness, and they voted for us. It was really a great moment for us and it gave us the opportunity to play at the Metal Female Voices Fest VI which was also one of the greatest memory of the band: so many people were at the show... and so many people at the signing session. This was really also a big surprise.


The tour with Delain was fantastic too. They are amazing and friendly people, really. Travelling through France and Spain with them allowed us to meet many new friends. We owe them a lot for that! We hope to share the stage again with them one of these days. Who knows ?


5. Now looking to the future of Whyzdom let us introduce the new vocalist for the band Clementine Delauney. Please tell us a bit about yourself, and how did you come to join Whyzdom?
Hi Jason! 
Well I am going to turn 24, I live in Lyon and started to sing very young and always enjoyed it ! I took classical singing lessons at the Maitrise of Lyon Opera in 2004. I discovered symphonic metal with female vocalists later on and I realized it was the kind of band I wanted to be part of myself, the kind of music, powerful and yet sensitive that I would love to sing. I joined a first melodic band in 2005 which I made my first experience with for a year. Then for many years I tried to create my own band but musicians in my town, were pretty hard to find. So when I was thinking of joining an existing project that would need a singer, I saw that Whyzdom was looking for a new front woman. Since it was one the greatest French bands and I would have loved to be part of, I sent Vynce recordings of my voice right away ! Then, after several recordings and auditions they made their choice !


6. Now that you are part of such a talented and upcoming band, what are your thoughts for the bands progression?

 It is always hard to know how people would react to a new member especially when it’s the singer who has been replaced. So far, I am very pleased to see that reactions are very positive. Then, as we are working on the second album and playing the songs during the rehearsals, I can tell that Whyzdom’s music is going further. I think this new album could help the band getting more known and renowned in France and Europe and help us play abroad more often. That would be awesome ! 

7. Is Whyzdom your first band or have you worked with others in the past?

As I said I shared the stage for a year with a melodic metal band then was part of several emerging projects, even a black metal one as keyboard player! But nothing did really work out.

8. What are you most excited about as far as the new band is concerned?
I can't wait to be on stage with Whyzdom !! I am very excited about sharing the energy that the music carries. I'm eager to meet the fans as well, as they have been all very nice to me.

9. Vynce, you have built a very powerful and massive sound with this band, was it the original intent to have such a big sound?
Definitely yes ! ha ha ! We wanted to sound as big as other big names - and sound production is one of my activities, so there will never be any compromise about sound !    



10. One thing that catches me about the music of Whyzdom is the passion it relays, what is the driving force behind this amazing sound?

Hey, you've got the right word : "passion". It's all about passion and intensity. Passion when we compose music and write lyrics, passion when we play live, passion when we record. Passion always and everywhere. Intensity on the other hand : each and every melodic line has to be intense, every orchestral interpretation has to be intense. That's how we do it and that's what we try to express !

11. So I know there is a new album in the works, when can we expect to see this release, and what can you tell us about it?

We don't know the release date yet - hopefully in 2011. The composition is over, and we will start the recording sessions probably this winter. It is a heavier album, with even more orchestra. It's also musically more coherent than "From The Brink Of Infinity" and some might find it a bit more complex - progressive. We all already love it, even more than "the Brink" and that's what counts the most for us !

12. In closing, please leave us with any final thoughts or comments, and thanks for your time.


 First of all, thank you Jason for this interview. We want to thank all our fans who support us and spread the buzz, and we hope we'll have the occasion to see you all at one of our concerts - we'll try to play abroad as often as possible !


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