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Band Members: Ruby Roque - (Vocals), Dikk - (Guitar), Filipe Sousa - (Guitar), Ares (João Pedro) - (Bass), Tiago Lopes - (Drums)

Country Origin: Portugal ***

Heretic Rapture (2009)

Descending Fires (Demo 2006)

1. For new readers of the web zine and new listeners of Witchbreed, the band hails from Lisbon, Portugal where they continue to forge their own unique style of female fronted Metal. Today we are talking with the talented and powerful vocalist of the band Ruby. So Ruby, Witchbreed was the Nocturnal Euphony featured band of the month in July of 2007. How was the rest of 07, and 2008 for Witchbreed?

Well hello again! and thank you for this opportunity to talk a bit more about Witchbreed ! Well the rest of 2007 was spent giving gigs and we signed a record deal in the end of the year with Ascendance records, 2008 was for making new songs and in April we did the pre pre-production of the album with our producer Waldemar Sorychta (MOONSPELL, LACUNA COIL, THE GATHERING, SAMAEL, TIAMAT..), and of course next came the recordings of the album HERETIC RAPTURE.

2. 2009 is a big year for Witchbreed with the release of your debut album. When did the recording process begin for "Heretic Rapture", and was the experience?

Well it began in may 2008 with the drums, but then we had problems with the computer and the software.. so we had to change to mac it took at least a month before we started again. It was a very exhausting but good experience. budget limitations , we had to put money of our own, because its no use to do a just « good» album , for us it has to be great or nothing. And also in a more personal aspect, it was like a black cloud in the band, love relationships breaking up at the same time,my drummer,my bass player and me,they handle it good but I didn't and it created a really dark vibe in the band, that lead me to a depression , I had to leave for a month to Madeira island ( Portuguese island) to be free from all the stress , because I was becoming this nightmare of a woman, and I was ruining the great relationship that I have with my bros in the band.One good thing came out of it. I recorded the album with my heart filled with emotions dark ones that you will feel when you hear it.The album is done and it will be out in april/may 2009!

3. What can listeners expect from the long awaited album?

It's a very unusual album for a female fronted band . It's very dark, down tuned and heavy! Personally i love it with all my heart. I think all the Witchbreed fans will like it too and that we will gain a few more fans with the album!

4. Will any of the songs from the EP be included on "Heretic Rapture"?

Yes , brotherhood of fang & claw , Medeusa ( angel in pain) and rebel blood, but they were slightly modified , some more than others. but i think it was for the best!

5. Witchbreed have built a strong following, and is still one of our most read interviews. How does it feel to see your fan base expanding and how have crowds been reacting to your live show?

Well its overwhelming to know that. yes every day we receive messages from fans all over the world asking us to play there, and we hope that the promoters in those countries bring us there, because all we want is to play all over the world and meet our fans! Live shows are amazing , people head bang throughout the shows and get into the show just as us on the stage. its amazing!

6. Speaking of your live show will there be a tour with the album?

We want to tour! That's all we want to do, but it's out of our reach, we will see when the album is out if the promoters of the countries will get into the album and wire us to play. So we cannot say yes or no. We will see. I just ask all the fans to ask the promoters near your town to bring Witchbreed to you! The more the better!

7. What is it about Witchbreed and the bands accomplishments you are most proud of?

Definitely, have been signed to a good label 3 hours after we put the songs online on myspace!! Being unique in what we do, and being tight as brothers & sister !

8. Now that the band has been playing together for a while and you have some big shows under your belt, what are a couple of things that Witchbreed still want to accomplish?

To be honest we just want to be part of a good tour! That would mean the world to us! SO PROMOTERS BOOK US!!

9. What is one thing you want fans to know about Witchbreed?

That without them we cannot do this... so keep helping us and we promise to give you he best music around!

10. Where can our readers get the new album and Witchbreed merchandise?

Well if not in a music store near you, you can always buy it through our myspace , right now our merch is sold out, we are making new ones for when the album is out ! HAIL THE WITCHBREED ! KISSES FROM THE WITCH RUBY!


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